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Category: Premed

Welcome to the game of loans

So, I might have mentioned here that I made an interview video for MUN Med.  I also might have hinted that it was a Game of Thrones parody. This might […]

Interviews (dun dun duuunnn…)

So, as the newly elected Admissions Interview Video Coordinator (I get to plan the video, write the script, film it, and also coordinate the student greeters and tours for the […]

A few post acceptance tips

So, as orientation is just around the corner, I thought I’d give a few tips/ideas on what happens after you get accepted to medical school.  Now, of course I only […]

Some MCAT study survival tips

So, I was at Starbucks yesterday enjoying a post “getting my line of credit approved” celebratory frap (with soy – my new lactose intolerance sucks in the most subtle of […]

MCAT is a four letter word

So yeah, the MCAT.  The standardized test that bullies all other standardized acronym tests with how long and horrible it is. And that was before the 2015 changes. But yeah, […]

The long admissions road

So, yeah, from my newly accepted viewpoint, I can look back on my road to getting into medical school with a smile.  Finally.  Because the truth is, applying to medical […]