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Category: Miscellaneous

Dear Zachary

A couple of weeks ago, during consult psych rounds, in the middle of a discussion on when psychiatrists had a duty to report mental illnesses in other medical professionals – […]

So. That happened.

President Elect Donald Trump. So, that happened. I’m a Canadian, but I feel like I need to say something because let’s be absolutely real, the financial crisis of 2008 taught […]

Staycation Weekend

So, supremely late, but I promised the pics from my Victoria Day weekend with my family. It was a weekend of utterly gorgeous weather, some of the nicest we’ve had, […]

Cooking adventures continued

So, I mentioned in a post before that I’ve been trying out this whole cooking thing.  It’s not really in an effort to lose weight (though that’s on the list), […]

The ideal med school pet

So, I like pets.  I’m not an pet crazy person, but I do like animals, and I especially love the companionship that a pet brings.  Living alone in a difference province […]

Life and death on the periphery

So, this week I had an interesting contrast occur to me: 2 deaths of celebrities I really admired, and one update on a life. Now, I’m always cautious with the […]

A Saturday Afternoon Visit

I think I’ve mentioned before I have a close relative with a diagnosed psychiatric illness.  I’m not going to go into much more detail about that in this forum, but […]


So, an awful lot has happened since my last post.  I had a brutal exam – made only worse by how burnt out I was after Monte Carlo – I […]