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Category: Med School

The Thirteen Core Commandments

So, a new crop of core clerks (third year clerks) are about to start, or perhaps have started already. And if you’re reading this post, you might be one of […]


I’ve been in a funk, lately.  Or at least, that’s what I’ve been calling it. It’s a kinder word than ‘depression.’ Though honestly, I don’t think I meet the criteria […]

Dragging on

So, I’m 5 weeks away from being done with core clerkship, and I can’t decide if this year was the longest or the shortest of my life. Honestly, I think […]

Dear Zachary

A couple of weeks ago, during consult psych rounds, in the middle of a discussion on when psychiatrists had a duty to report mental illnesses in other medical professionals – […]


There’s this memory I’ve found stuck in my head lately. I’m 18, 19, perhaps 20. I’ve been let into a locked ward at a mental hospital, still in my work […]


So, I hate the NBME. I think I’ve mentioned it once or twice, but it bears repeating; I loathe the NBME. I think it’s an exhausting, terrible exam. After my […]

Do what you love

People come into medical school one of two ways; they’ve got some type of medicine they think they really want to practice and med school is either going to prove […]

The sick patient

Family medicine clinic is somewhat…buffering, as clerk. It’s certainly not as safe as when you are truly an inexperienced first or second year – the understood observer – but still, […]

2 down and a road trip!

So, I’ve finished two rotations of my core clerkship! Now, I don’t have the marks back yet, but I had my NBME for peds this past Friday and although it […]

It begins…clerkship days 1 and 2

So, like it says on the tin, clerkship has begun; the orthopaedic surgery part of my 2 month surgery rotation, to be exact. Throw back! I was going to make […]

Pre clerkship bootcamp

So, again, quite late on posting this, but I mentioned I wanted to do a post on our pre clerkship week – that we so lovingly called – “pre-clerkship bootcamp.” […]

Staycation Weekend

So, supremely late, but I promised the pics from my Victoria Day weekend with my family. It was a weekend of utterly gorgeous weather, some of the nicest we’ve had, […]

Iced coffee drinks, because coffee ;)

So, I don’t really drink coffee, at least in the normal, ‘warm in a cup’ form.  I do love the Canadian Tim’s classic, the ice capp, but I’m under no […]