Oh the places you’ll go (as a resident)

So, I have returned.

The reasons why I let this blog fell by the wayside are varied.  Moving into residency, time became an even more valuable commodity, and value judgements had to be made on what was going to be sacrificed.

Earlier in medical school, back when I was quite active on this blog, one of my classmates alerted our class president that an anecdote I had posted could be viewed as unprofessional.  It was an entirely anonymous anecdote, back when we were still in simulated learning, but the education of just how high the standards of my new profession held for “professionalism” was illuminating to me, to say the least, and I erred heavily on the side of caution going forwards.

That said, as clerkship and then residency progressed, and my life became more and more about work, I was left with less and less I felt like I was able to share.  Adding in my bustling sewing business, reading, friends and a new cat into the mix, well …

The wayside, as you might see.

That said, with this New Year, I find myself wanting to return to this forum.  Largely, related to one – intertwined – subject.


Well, and student debt, and professional expenses and a blossoming makeup – and I don’t use this word lightly – addiction.

So, budgeting.

As a resident I’m somewhat starting to find my professional feet. There’s still so much to learn, of course, but I know how to keep my head above water mostly.

Now, my next challenge is an adult one; how to budget an adult life with expensive hobbies and expensive expenses … with a lot of student debt.

And, it occurred to me, sitting in front of a spread sheet, that this experience is something I’d like to share. Given the epidemic of student debt it’s certainly relatable, I know this for sure.

But I know too that sharing gives me accountability, as I move forward in this next stage. It’s easy to lie to oneself; harder to lie to ones public (such as it were).

So, this blog … it started as a journey through medical school. But, if medical school taught me anything it is this; the value of my life outside of medicine.

Now, I’d like to have this be a journey somewhat through my adulthood.  I can’t say if it will be pretty; I can’t say even if it will be interesting.

But I can say this; I’d love it if you were along for the ride.

3 thoughts on “Oh the places you’ll go (as a resident)

  1. I found your blog a month ago and lovvvvvee it! I’m a Canadian student born and raised on the prairies and I just started my first year of medical school. I’ve loved reading your stories and reflecting on them…they put me in a good headspace.

    • Hi Jessica! I’m glad you found my blog, and congrats on getting into medical school! That’s a huge thing, and I wish you luck in it! Hopefully you’ll continue to enjoy my blog, and if you ever want to talk about med school, feel free 🙂 All my best!

  2. Glad to see you’re back. I’ve been following your blog for years now. I am a current resident now and was wondering how you’re finding family medicine after initially wanting to do obstetrics. It seems that a lot of us are now in fields we didn’t initially expect to go into and there is a lack of flexibility to switch once we are in residency. Different people I’ve spoken to have either been grateful it worked out this way or have ongoing disappointment depending on the specialty. I was wondering how you’re finding it now that you’re half a year into your program and seeing fam med’s flexibility career-wise.

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