I like anticipation.

I’ve found, as I get older, I enjoy anticipation more.  Christmas is the obvious example: you have all the build-up, all the the time and thoughts spent on that one day and then … it comes.

And goes.

That too, is another thing I’ve found as I get older.  The more you build things up, the more they tend to – not disappoint, but perhaps – underwhelm you.  All that build up, all that preparation, all that work for something so much shorter than the actual event.  As such, I make sure I take the time to enjoy the anticipation as it comes.  As not to consider it as separate from the main event, but as a vital and important part of that enjoyment.  It’s fun, to take a moment, and dwell in that feeling that something big is coming up; that it’s right around the corner, waiting for you.

So, you’ll have to pardon my rambling.  It’s late.  I should be in bed.  I have  big day tomorrow, that I need my rest for.

Because tomorrow, I graduate from medical school.

After 18 years of dreaming, 9 years of university, and 4 years of medical school – of blood, sweat, tears, stress, incredible hard work and amazing joys – tomorrow, someone is going to call me a doctor and for the first time, I won’t be able to say “Oh, well, not yet.”

Tomorrow, I’m a doctor.

And tonight, I’m just positively alight with anticipation.

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