New Years Resolutions

So, Happy New Year!!


Gosh, 2018, can you imagine it?

2017 seemed strangely long for a year, both globally and personally, so it was both a relief and a strange sadness to see 2017 pass by.  2018 is a year of big milestones personally for me; matching to a residency (knock on wood), graduating med school (knock on wood again 😉 ), starting my first day of residency (all the wood, just knock on it).  It’s also the end of an era: the end of this experience that has been medical school, with all it’s exhilarating highs and crushing lows.

But!  Not to wallow, I wanted to post about some New Years Resolutions for 2018 here, for a couple reasons. I really like New Years Resolutions. I know they get a bad rap as that gym membership you stop using in February, but I’m going to sit here and defend them! I think resolutions, or goals, are a great thing to have in your life, and even if you don’t meet all of them, if at least you tried, then that’s an accomplishment as well.

They are a little bit easy to leave at the wayside however, so posting them here, gives me a little bit more accountability, if to no one but myself!  At least if I find myself on the verge of passing one by, I can come and look at them here and hopefully be reinvigorated!

So, without further ado, my New Year’s Resolutions for 2018 are:

  1. Be healthier: The last couple years in med school have been a slippery slide of excuses for me to slid back into really bad habits. “Too tired to work out,” “sure, I can eat those chips cause school is stressful,” “treat yourself,” etc. When I look at myself in the mirror, I’m not living in the body I know is healthiest for me, and so this year is a big year of changes for me.  Sub resolutions in this one include: 30 min on the bike at least 3 times a week, and floor exercises/weights/yoga at least 2 times. Cutting my carb intake down to a diabetic diet level. I’m not going keto, but I’m going to stick to a the 15g carbs serving size recommendation (up to 2 servings for lunch and dinner, one for breakfast), and eat more lean meats and veggies. I resolved in August of 2017 to cut pop/soda completely out of my life, which I have done since, but I know I fell a little on the crutch of ice tea, which has a shocking amount of sugar in it. Only sugar free non-soda beverages for me now, and cooking with whole wheat flour and stevia.  I’m not going to set a weight loss resolution, because I think that’s a road that could lead to real psychological disappointment; thin isn’t the goal, healthy is.
  2. Be kinder to myself: I’ve spoken here about how 2017 was a year of real, deep burnout for me.  That was a low I’d never experienced before, and it made me viscerally aware that I need to do more for my mental wellness.  Thus, this year I resolve to be kinder to myself: to try and be less critical internally of myself, and believe in myself more.  To work on my mindfulness and attend yoga classes at least twice a week.  To keep closer contact with my parents, family and support people.  To make sure I book at least 3-4 hours a week for “me time,” to read a book or sit in the sun, or watch a movie that makes me happy.  I love medicine, but I cannot let it consume my life the way it did before.
  3. Continue the success of my Etsy store: I’ve been so incredibly lucky that my Etsy store has had the success it is enjoying, just hitting my 500th item sold in just under 2 years of the store being open!  2018 is obviously going to be a big year of changes with starting residency, so I want to resolve to try and continue to work on the store and maintain it as a hobby. I work really hard to make this as a successful small business, and I have already discussed options with my mother that, if I find I cannot keep up with demand in residency, she could assist me in sewing, which I think would be an amazing mother-daughter enterprise for us.  As for sales goals, which I’m told are important to have…I’d like to see if I could hit the 750 total items sold milestone this year, as well as possibly introduce geeky fabric drink coasters to the store.
  4. Keep in touch with my med school friends: After we start residency and split to the corners of the country, keeping in touch with my med school friends will obviously become harder. But the friends I’ve made in school here are amazing people, and I very much don’t want to lose that contact fully with them, so I resolve to be better at long distance communication, which I admit I’ve always been poor at!
  5. Keep in closer communication with my sister: My little sister is the apple of my eye, and I love her so much. But when I left for university she was 8 years old, and I haven’t lived home since. Living home for about 5 weeks this year for vacation and rotations reminded me that now, especially as she becomes and adult, I want to do everything I can to make sure our relationship stays strong and close.  So, I resolve to message her more, call her more, and maybe find some way to share an experience together: watch a tv show and talk about it together, read a book, etc.
  6. Try to contribute to this blog more: There were a lot of reasons why I posted drastically less this year: less time with clerkship, patient confidentiality meaning I couldn’t really share much of what was happening in my day, and the mounting success of my Etsy store taking up a lot of my time. But I took some time to read through this blog recently, and I realize I really miss it as a record of my life and a creative outlet.  So, this year, I resolve to finally post those vacation posts from Scandinavia and Japan that I wrote 2 YEARS AGO HOW IS IT SO LONG but never posted (the photos take forever!), as well as to post at least twice a month on this blog.

So, those are my resolutions for 2018.  2017 wasn’t the worst year personally for me, but it was certainly a year of lower lows than I was accustomed too, and I want to work my hardest to make 2018 better. I obviously have no control over many huge factors in my life, but these 6 are ones I can control, and those 6 are the ones that I think would genuinely make my life better and richer.

But, I’d also love to hear from anyone reading this who made their own resolutions! Any of your own that you have for 2018, any tips for mine?

Mostly though, I just wish everyone a happy, healthy and safe 2018!

One thought on “New Years Resolutions

  1. Happy New Year! And congratulations on your 500th Etsy sale. I almost wish I were in a surgical specialty so I would have a reason to buy a scrub cap from you.


    Nope. Actually, not really. I haaaate surgery. But I love your scrub caps.

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