Halloween DIY

So, this year we got crafty for Halloween. I’ll not lie, Halloween isn’t a major holiday in our household. I don’t really do parties and I studied through the last couple, but given that I’ve been home for an OBs elective, it seemed like a good time to try out our crafting skills.

Thus, I present to you, Halloween;

My sister’s costume; Link from Twilight Princess. Not pictured; her boots, shield and master sword.

My costume; Majora’s Mask from my afore mentioned favourite game. A lot of foam carving and paint, but I’m pretty impressed with it!

And finally, the one I’m most proud of; a rain cloud umbrella. You’ve never tried sewing until you’re stitching pillow fuzz to an umbrella with fishing twine! It also weights about 10 lbs because of the battery packs, but worth it!

We didn’t do much for Halloween this year; my sister went to a party and my mother and I walked a little around the town and showed off our costumes. A lot of work, perhaps, for little to do with it, but I really enjoyed making those costumes, and I know that mask will be perfect for a comic convention in the future…once I make the eye holes a little bigger! 😜

Happy Halloween!!🎃👻

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