So, I hate the NBME. I think I’ve mentioned it once or twice, but it bears repeating;

I loathe the NBME.

I think it’s an exhausting, terrible exam. After my peds NBME I was so physically depleated that I was unable to finish my brunch and had to lay down and sleep. And that was on a relatively normal sleep schedule, which, given the fact I was on call overnight Wednesday and post call Thursday (and was going to have to come back in at 7am for a half day before our 1pm exam before that was graciously changed) I was, needless to say, preparing for the absolute worst post OBs experience. How did it go?

Honestly, just fine.

I never wager on how well I did on these exam, because I’m terrible at predicting it, but I felt ok in the exam, and I didn’t have any of the somatic stresses I usually get before and during exams (no sleep, abdominal cramps, diarrhea (Crohn’s and stress, who knew)) and afterwards, I feel good.

I can’t say either why this experience was so different; I studied the same way and didn’t take anything for anxiety (though I keep meaning to go see my family doctor about it and then putting it off). Maybe I was just better prepared, maybe I learned more from the rotation, maybe my interest in the subject made the difference.

Whatever it is though, I’ve now made it through 4 core rotations; I’m 4.5 mo the away from forth year, and 3 days away from applying for my first away elective (hey, future posting topic!). This year is passing so quickly, I can hardly believe it, and although I don’t put much weight behind the idea, maybe, just maybe the next NBME will be ok as well. 

And even if that anxiety does come back, I know I’ll be ok, because I’ve made it this far already, and that’s a lovely feeling as well.
Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a lot of Harry Potter related geekery and Breath of the Wild to pack into the weekend. 😜

My study companions

“What princess?” I ask, after climbing my tenth mountain 😉

One thought on “Post OBs NBME

  1. Ugh I only have IM left and I have a huge ordeal with VSAS but I concur with the NBME haha 4th yr is stressing me out so bad!! Glad you are feeling good about it all overall

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