Do what you love

People come into medical school one of two ways; they’ve got some type of medicine they think they really want to practice and med school is either going to prove them right or wrong, or they come in having no idea and are there to figure it out.

I’m in the former group.  Picture this; a girl, ten years old, watches her sister’s birth, and she’s hooked.  People tell her not to do it – the hours are awful, she’s going to miss out on her life – so she drifts from it, but she aways comes back to it.

Then, comes med school; clerkship, and the moment of truth.  Sure, she loved those lectures, that shadowing, but clerkship is the real decision maker.  What is it like to do the thing? What are the residents like, what are their lives like? How is call? How are the clinics?

Do you really like this thing you’ve been so set on?  All those plans you’ve made, are you going to be able to keep them? Or are you going to find yourself in your 8th year of university adrift without a paddle?

It’s a scary idea, to finally put that vision you have under the harsh light of reality.

I’m one week into my obstetrics and gynaecology core rotation, and I can say this;

I love it.

I love every moment of it. I love colposcopy, prenatal, fertility clinics, I love the OR, I love call.  I even love Gyne, when I’d feared I’d hate it. Give me more hysterectomies, more salpingectomies, more OR and pap smears and pelvic pain and abnormal bleeding.

I wanted to be an OB/Gyne when I was 10, and I want to be one now.

My parents were, through my journey to and through medical school were particularly fond of this wisdom, as I’m sure many people are:


And for that I think it’s fair enough, and a noble sentiment, I’ve always more preferred Thoreau:


I want to do what I love, I know my own bone, but I also know that that I’m going to have to work at it every moment, that it’s still going to be hard.  I need study hard, to practice all the skills I can, to learn and be the best clerk that I can be to hopefully in turn become the best resident and the best attending I can be.

OB/GYN is what I love; I’ve gnawed on it, buried it, and then unearthed it.

So here I am, gnawing on it still.

It’s work, every single day, but darn if I don’t love it.

One thought on “Do what you love

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!! What a milestone – I’m so happy that you have found the career of your dreams. I can’t wait for the day I finally make my decision. 🙂

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