It begins…clerkship days 1 and 2

So, like it says on the tin, clerkship has begun; the orthopaedic surgery part of my 2 month surgery rotation, to be exact.

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I was going to make a post yesterday about my first day of clerkship, but given that ortho started at 7am and I was coming off a distinctly more nocturnal sleep schedule, I wasn’t super up for posting last night. Also yeah, the massive delay in getting my travel pics up will also because related to that, because I have about 5000 pictures from that trip and those posts take a long time to make, mea culpa! They’ll get up, I promise!

But yes, clerkship.  Now, obviously I’ve only had 2 days so far, but I’ve enjoyed them so far 🙂 I’ve got another classmate with me on ortho at our site (there are a couple of other students at the other site), and we have 2 residents and so we are alternating between them and splitting OR time for every other day.  My first day I started rounding with patients and then went to the ortho clinic where I was given patient files and told just to go in and see them alone, which is something I’ve done a couple times on placement so it wasn’t an entirely new experience.  That said, it was a great realization to me that although these are the ‘training wheels,’ the ‘super training wheels’ of the first two years are definitely off.  I also figured out how to dictate reports which was a new experience, that wasn’t too bad once I figured out how it worked!

Today – my second day – we also started with rounds – at 6:30am to accommodate resident teaching – and then I went with the other resident to the OR where I saw several procedures and scrubbed in on 3 and learned how to properly cut off suturing string and got a primetime refresher in how to make sure I get that sterile gown on properly 😉

Overall, I think I’m glad I started with ortho rather than general surgery. The residents and the doctors are great and we’ve been told there is little ortho on the rotation exam, so although I’m trying to take as much as I can in about ortho itself, it does mean I can take a little more time in these 3 weeks to learn how to clerk -gowning, note taking, discharge forms, etc. – which is definitely appreciated. I know that once I start studying for the rotation exam clerkship will get a lot less fun, but right now I’m giving myself this week to just get into the rhythm of it 🙂  And now, I’m off to bed, because that 6am alarm waits for no clerk 😉

clerk card

The responsibility is real 😉

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