2016 Travel Journals: Berlin

*Mea Culpa, the blogging as I traveled thing just didn’t happen given how busy I was! So these journals were written on the trip, most retrospectively, with a couple written after I landed back in Canada. This was an utterly amazing trip, and I’m so excited to share it with you guys.*

So, I got into Berlin and then checked into my hostel, which was the Berlin Plus hostel. The hostel was also the Contiki hostel, but it was nice and modern and I lucked out with a single room 🙂


I was pretty tired that day – all those early mornings, so I kept that day light and checked out the Berlin Wall and saw the famous “Save Me from this Deadly Love,” mural as well as checking out the Berlin wall museum, a new mususem.

This Deadly Love:


Some of the art on the East Gallery Wall.

Berlin Wall Museum

There was also an exhibit on the back of the wall Titled “War on the Wall,” about the recent Syrian conflict, which was pretty heavy.

The next day I hit up a bunch of places; Brandenburg gate, the Reichstag building, the Holocaust memorial and museum, Checkpoint Charlie and it’s museum, the French Cathedral and the Berlin Cathedral on Museum island.

Brandenburg gate

There was some kind of festival on in front of it, hindering pictures!

Reichstag building

Holocaust memorial

And museum



The museum had accounts of families, audio tributes to the victims, and more. This letter from a little girl killed in the Holocaust to her father was especially difficult for me.


That it would take about 6 years to recite the names and a brief blurb on each victim I think speaks for itself.

Checkpoint Charlie


French Cathedral

Berlin Cathedral


Bonus Berlin Tower


The weather was a bit of a downer; bit muggy and wet, but it was a really great day and I liked Berlin a lot. The Holocaust memorial and exhibit is expectedly powerful; putting faces and stories to those statistics of the dead is a sobering moment.

Checkpoint Charlie was very touristy, which is to be expected, but the fake soldiers there that you could pay to pose with were a definite minus for me, though opinions vary obviously.

Overall I liked Berlin a lot; it’s definitely a really fun city with a lot of powerful and difficult history, and I really did enjoy my time there.

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