2016 Trip Journals: Munich

*Mea Culpa, the blogging as I traveled thing just didn’t happen given how busy I was! So these journals were written on the trip, most retrospectively, with a couple written after I landed back in Canada. This was an utterly amazing trip, and I’m so excited to share it with you guys.*

So I landed in Munich around noon and caught the airport bus to my hotel. The hotel was Hotel Achterbahn which was very nice; my only complaint was the room I picked ended up being on the top floor (and no elevator) so if you are ever looking at it try to book the red or blue rooms as they were on lower floors.

My room was on the top floor, and it was called ‘Angst.’ A very nice room but also no elevator or A/C.  From booking.com.

Munich is where I ran into meh weather; it was raining/spitting in Munich pretty consistently and that didn’t exactly make me want to explore to much. Still I checked out a couple things like the City Center, Glockenspiel and Church. I also got dinner at a beer garden, where you just sit down at the same table with strangers and chat. I ended up eating with some American tourists my own age which was a nice bonus, and the veal snitchzel was excellent.

The next day in Munich was the day I’d booked a tour of Nesucshwenian Castle, the castle Disney based his on. I booked through Mike’s Bikes and we bused to the town (after watching the bus side swipe a car and checking out the German police) and then once we got to the town the castle is in we jumped on bikes for a ride around, to a lovely Alpine Lake and meadow.



The white castle is Neuschwanian Castle, while the yellow one is Hohenschwangau.



Check out that fog 🙂


Castles closer up; they’re just gorgeous in those mountains. 




Beautiful Swan Lake and the Mountains behind it. 


Meadow, lake, castles and mountains all in one shot 🙂


Different angle of the castle.


After that we went up to the castle; most of the group decided to hike up, but myself and a couple of others (including one of the guides) took a short shuttle up, and I was so glad I did, because it looked like a ridiculous climb, as well as the fact that it started seriously raining while they did and the bus was nice and dry 😉


Great little photo spot with the bridge there.


View from the Castle.



It was literally pouring here, so apologies or the water. 


Then we made our way to the actual Castle, which is a beautiful castle, especially the outside.


The inside was nice too, and although no photos were allowed, I might have totally caught a Pigeotto in there…;) I’ve been trying to catch a Pokemon in every city I’ve visited, and it’s been great fun as well #pokemonworldtour

The ending of Munich was a bit less fun; the next morning I was up again at 5am for another flight to Berlin, and in the grand tradition of water damaging my phone I dropped it in the toilet and killed it.


Thankfully I’d learned my lesson from last year, and I had my second phone unlocked this time, so I popped the sim in and am using that phone with my good data package so that could have been much worse!

Honestly, Munich was my least favourite city so far. It’s definitely a cool city with a great history, but there just wasn’t a lot to see. The weather probably didn’t help, but even now, looking back at the whole completed trip, Munich was definitely the one place I wouldn’t put on my return list, though I’m really glad I did it the once 🙂

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