Harry Potter and the Cursed Child #keepthesecrets review




Het hem.

So, I just watched Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and let me just say HOLY CRAP THAT WAS ACTUALLY THE BEST THING EVER OMG!


View from my seat and one of the intermission sets.

So, I liked it 😉

I’ll say as a reminder, that Harry Potter was the defining book series of my adolescence.  I’m a huge Potterhead. I went to see the Studio tour the day before this and am ending my trip with a day in Universal Studios Japan just to see the Harry Potter World.  I am literally only in London on this trip to see this play.  I mention this so that you have some idea of how high my anticipation levels were for this play. Add that to the fact that this play has to act as a continuation of the defining book and movie series of a generation, and I was sure it wouldn’t meet my impossibly high expectations.

I’m glad to say that it utterly exceeded them!   This play was so much better than it needed to be to draw in crowds. It was Harry Potter; we were all going to go no matter what.  But this is a fantastic play just by the standards of a play. The special effects were nothing short of magical.  The spells, wirework, lighting were all so perfect in setting the mood. The sets were exquisite; I truly felt like I was in the Great Hall or the Forbidden Forest and the set movement was genius. Scene transitions were often accompanied by a correographed segment that set the mood so well and the score was amazing.

The actors themselves were all fantastic. Never once did I look at them and wonder if they were Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny; you just knew they were. Scorpius Malfoy was the breakout star of the show; he stole it every second he was on stage and the play even got me to like Draco Malfoy, something the books and movies never quite managed.

The story was quite good. It was balanced well between being Harry’s story and Albus’ and it was new and imaginative, but with enough of the familiar that fans will love. If I had to pick one weakness I would say the villain’s story was a bit…fanfictiony (for lack of a better term), but the actor was great and it did work with the theme.

Ultimately, Cursed Child is about relationships, familial ones most of all. Being a child your parent can be proud of and a good parent to your child were the strongest themes, and the play told that story beautifully. I laughed, I cried, I cheered, I loved it and I recommend it to any fan who has the ability to go see it.

It was, quite simply, magical.


As an added bonus, I headed around the back and got almost all (Harry Potter himself didn’t come out) of the actors to sign my program. They were all so lovely – they had a little chat with everyone, took all the pictures you wanted and were clearly really thrilled to be part of Harry Potter 🙂

2 thoughts on “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child #keepthesecrets review

  1. Thanks for the review; the play sounds fantastic!
    I read the script a few days ago, and although I REALLY wanted to like it, the script alone just wasn’t enough to move me emotionally – I miss JK Rowling’s witty, heart-wrenching prose so much that it hurts! I wrote myself a post-Cursed-Child fanfiction simply to get over my Harry Potter withdrawal; I’m hoping that the play comes to Broadway at some point, though, because I would be able to take a weekend off to go see it. 🙂
    I hope that your third year of medical school is treating you well!

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