Pre clerkship bootcamp

So, again, quite late on posting this, but I mentioned I wanted to do a post on our pre clerkship week – that we so lovingly called – “pre-clerkship bootcamp.” In all honestly, the week really wasn’t bad; it was actually a really good educational week, and I’m really glad we had it.

The week itself looked like this:

Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 2.21.00 PM

Note the 8:30am starts 😦

Pre-clerkship bootcamp was basically a week of introductions into skills, topics, and clinical teamwork, and most of it was really great.  The ‘Practical Skills” workshops included Ventilation – intubation, mask ventilation on simulation dummies – O2 Supplementation and Non Invasive Ventilation, Oximetry, EKG, Sterilization, NG Tube and Catheter, Phlebotomy, and IV insertion.  These sessions were all a great reminder or source of new information, and although I’m sure that I’ll forget it before August I also think it will serve as a good touch stone for when clerkship starts then, which is probably the best it can serve to do.

The nest day we recertified in Basic Life Support for Health Providers, and then we had an afternoon in we had the Cardiac Resuscitation Workshop where we could practice some of those skills running a ‘First 5 minute drill,’ with a mannequin that was covered in some very realistic ‘oatmeal vomit.’ We also ran a couple mock does and got introduced to the crash cart; I really enjoyed the drills – I was nice to learn the skills and then have the opportunity to practice them with the simulation dummies.

On the third day, we had Preparation for Ward Work, which was  bit on discharge summaries, ward writing and function, which was all great practical information, and then a CaRMS presentation and MedCareers, which was legally repetitive information, but still a good refresher.

The forth day was split between Radiology Bootcamp in the morning and Critical Clinical Situations.  Radiology bootcamp was largely a lecture, which was mostly information that we’d had before, but then we went down to the radiology department and they showed us where and how to do things we’ll have to do as a clerk, which was definitely good information.  Critical Clinical situations was standardized patient work, where we were put into small teams and then rotated through rolls like recorder, chart, talking to the nurse and patient and then performing a patient handover.  I really liked these sessions, as they had really taken the time to make it feel realistic, and the debriefs and feedback we got right after each simulation with a doctor was really valuable.

The last day was really good; we had our Suturing Workshop in the morning where we spent most of the time practicing first on ropes, then on pig skin, and then on a standardized patient and a ‘dummy’ arm with a nurse.  That was a really great session, and given that surgery is my first rotation, I’m going to have to spend my first week of surgery practicing suturing at night I can tell! I got the instrument tie down pretty well, but the two hand tie is some kind of magic that still eludes me! 😉 The afternoon was our Trauma Workshop, which was also really fun.  We got to run a full code, with one of the simulation dummies – that has blood, pulses, etc – and we had 40 minutes with radiology, and other resources available.  Given that our simulation ended with the coroner coming in, I don’t think it was a happy ending, but the activity was really more about working as a team, learning the closed loop communication and the importance of clear roles, etc., and in that way it really was a great learning experience.

The next week we also had a couple lectures on the nitty gritty of clerkship; exams, evaluation, how our emergency rotation works in as well as more LEAN – now featuring gummy bear catapults – and then freedom! 🙂 Honestly though, after this week I’d say I’m a little bit more apprehensive about clerkship then I was, but I wouldn’t necessarily call it entirely bad.  Things like having to ask for constant process cards from our preceptors really bother me – I have this anxiety about asking for things – as well as a general exam anxiety, but I’m glad that I’m more informed on clerkship, and I know that if I take it day by day, clerkship will be just as doable as the first two years were.

Also OMG I’m done second year this is my last summer and I only have 2 years left until graduation AHHHHHHH!

I’m handling it well so far, I think 😉


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