Staycation Weekend

So, supremely late, but I promised the pics from my Victoria Day weekend with my family. It was a weekend of utterly gorgeous weather, some of the nicest we’ve had, and we hit the  local high lights:


The rocks and trails behind signal hill, which were really lovely.


Quidi Vidi, always cute 🙂


Petty Harbour, a very cute little place.


Petty Harbour 2


Petty Harbour panorama 

Then, because you can’t come to Newfoundland and not look for icebergs, we ended up following the tracker app to Bay Bulls in search of an iceberg, and ended up on an impromptu hike that was really beautiful.


View along some of the trail.

And then, finally, we found it!



Iceberg ho!

There were also chunks of the iceberg off the shore, with whales there (which I didn’t end up getting in a picture).


We also had an afternoon at Middle Cove Beach, which is a really lovely beach that also has some great trails as well 🙂




You can’t see from this picture, but the water was the most beautiful teal blue, like the pacific 🙂

There was also, of course, tons of great food – I recommend The Duke of Duckworth for the best fish and chips in St. John’s, and Rocket Bakery, which is a very trendy spot with some amazing stuff, like their sausage rolls 🙂


The onion rings are also amazing! We had Caesar salad because that makes it healthy, right? 😉

Mostly though, it was just so nice to have my sister and my dad there for the weekend.  I love going to school in St. John’s, but not having any family there can make it lonely there sometimes, so I especially treasure the time I have with them 🙂

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