April snow storms bring…May snow storms probably

So, there were 2 things that everyone said to me when I got into MUN: Congratulations was the first.

“Man, the weather in Newfoundland sucks!” Was definitely the second.


So, this was a week ago – April 20th – to be exact, and we had an honest to gosh snow day. Like, flurries, wind, cancelled school snow day.

But wait, it gets better!

Because although the snow melted relatively quickly from that, yesterday this happened:


This was APRIL 27TH.  LATE APRIL. As in, should be raining if there needs to precipitation, and should not be cold enough to snow! And as an added plus, this stuff does melt super fast, and so the streets are just a mess of slush and water and it is absolutely gross, and also still cold. Each day picking to wear my “spring/fall” coat (lined because lets not get crazy) or my parka is a toss up, because the day might start out nice and palatable and when I go home it might be several degrees below zero or vice versa.

And yet, I realize I’ve gotten resigned to this weather because later yesterday it looked like this:


And I was like “oh look, it’s gotten nice out,” because 5 degrees, sunny and that much snow is nice now.  Or, as the Newfoundland proverb goes:

April flurries bring May flurries.  Spring is a lie.

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