Running down the clock

So, this is the picture that our two school Facebook groups now has as a cover photo:


Think this kind of speaks for itself.

We’re 2 month from the end of second year, and we’re all running on empty.  I’ve got an exam this Monday, and while I’m certainly studying, it is incredibly hard to put up any motivation for this exam, or even for school in general.

And we’re all feeling this way; that picture went up with unanimous support in those groups.  Clinical skills is done, and honestly, so are we.  Last year, after spring break, we all felt a bit more refreshed. Sure, we were looking forward to summer break, but it wasn’t this level of just being so over it.  I think it probably has to do with clinical skills being done, because being finished one massive part of our daily schedule makes us want he rest to be done as well.

But I think it also has something to do with us being ready for this classroom aspect of medical school to be done. I’ve written about how I’m a bit apprehensive for clerkship, but honestly, despite those feelings, I also know I’m ready for it to start.  I want to get onto this next phase of my education; this next phase of my life.  I think these remaining 2 months are a bit like the infamous – to me at least – ‘Waiting Place’ of the Dr. Seuss story this blog is named for.  There’s a safety in the familiar of these first 2 years of medical school.  It’s essentially a more intense form of undergraduate school, and it’s something I know how to do.  Clerkship is new, and alien, but it’s also the next step, and it’s time.  Or as the good Dr. would say:

My mountain is waiting, it’s time to get on my way 🙂

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