Please be March break already…

So, yeah, I feel like the title might speak for my mood.  The week before last was pretty rough.  We had a 100 plus question exam last Monday, and although it ended up not being as bad as I thought (and I did pass, yay) the week leading up to it was rough.  The burnout was strong, and I was in a flare up, and it was just tough all around.  And then last week just kept on carrying on, with 2 assignments, clinical skills, 1 massive summative write-up and another (thankfully much smaller) exam Friday just made last week an absolute bear.  I feel a bit better now that I have a few days to breathe, but during that week, the ‘almost break burnout’ hit me hard.

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A dramatic visualization of me this Saturday.

This was something I remember happening to me last year as well.  I think it’s a proximity thing, as well as a duration thing.  We’ve really only been in class for 2ish months, but that’s a long block, given how intense med school is.  Add the fact that my trip is only 17 days away (please come fast), and the freedom that reprieve makes everything I still have in that time to do even more intense.  Because I might only have 17 days until my break, but in that time I have several clinical skills sessions, my summative clinical skills physical, a summative clinical skills peds session, 2 exams (one smaller one and one block one) and one paper.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I knew that medical school was intense when I got in, and I’m not complaining about the work.

But that’s 17 days, and I’m tired.

My mother is getting really excited about our trip; it’s her first time going to Paris, and that’s one of my greatest excitements for the trip – getting to experience her excitement.  She’s sent me tons of pics, like this one:


I want every single picture of Paris to have a sunset like this.

With all the places she wants to go a pictures she wants to get.  I know this picture, as I’ve known most of them (I went over this bridge in a rickshaw driven by a perfectly lovely person who drove like a crazy person), and although I’m getting a little excited with her, I just can’t get there yet.  I’ve got so much more to do before I can let myself really get excited, and given that I have an exam ending at 12 noon and then get on a plane at 4pm, I probably won’t be able to really get excited until I’m on the plane.  Which is fine, of course, I’m really ‘it’s not real until its real’ kind of girl, like I’ve mentioned here before, but still, it’s just a reminder that I’ve got a lot to get through before I can have my trip and ‘refresh’ my batteries, so to speak.

And then the OSCE is 5 days after I get back.

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How many days until summer? 😉


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