Mad (scrub) cap adventures: “Batman Over the Big Apple”

So, when I got into the hobby of making scrub caps, I needed geeky fabric, and the best place I found fabrics is a site called Spoonflower, where people can upload their own designs and you can buy them as fabric or wrapping paper or wallpaper. Now, I found this concept pretty cool, and it occurred to me that I could make a fabric and then make a cap out of it, creating a creative inception 😉  Naturally, for this idea, I decided that NYC and Batman needed to be a thing, because once again, I am a huge geek.

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The cap features a silhouette of New York City, with the Bat signal above it, which I think is pretty fun 🙂  The thing I love about this cap making hobby is, as I’ve said, the ability to make something that is tangible, rather than intangible like writing.  And on that logic, it is absolutely as cool as I thought it was to look at the finished project of a cap that I not only designed as a cap, but also designed as a fabric 🙂

Hey, what does Batman and 16 sodiums have in common?

Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na.

I’m refuse to apologize for that joke 😉

This cap and all caps shown our this blog are available for purchase here.

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