Mad (scrub) cap adventures: “The Tardis Through Time” cap

If anyone still couldn’t tell I’m a super big Doctor Who geek, then hi, I’m so glad this is your first time visiting my blog, how are you? 😉 I kid – and totally unrelated to everything but did you know that there is real blue Tardis like phone booth still in London? Because there is and guess whose going there in the summer 😉 – but yeah, I’m huge in Doctor Who geek, and it’s iconic Tardis just makes me happy.  Thus:

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I’m a ‘New Who’ fan: I got into the show with its revival in 2005, and so it’s always interesting to me for me to see the many different variations that the Tardis has gone through; the tiny variations on the same theme.  Thus, this cap “The Tardis Through Time” is my little pun – time machine, after all – and I really love how it turned out.  It’s really nice and clean and crisp with the white and blues 🙂

Also, it’s possible that I may be accumulating the largest collection of Doctor Who scrub caps ever… 😉

This cap and all caps shown on the blog can be found for sale here.

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