Cooking adventures continued

So, I mentioned in a post before that I’ve been trying out this whole cooking thing.  It’s not really in an effort to lose weight (though that’s on the list), but mostly it’s an effort to try and eat less processed food, as I know that processed food is a huge trigger for my Crohn’s.  And actually, I found that I really love it! Not only do I get to make great tasting food, but I also get the satisfaction of making something with my hands, which is a great feeling of a small achievement.  And, because I shared some pics before, I felt I’d share some more of the food I’ve been making lately 🙂



Pulled pork – sooo good!


Homemade buttermilk chicken fried in sunflower oil – actually incredibly delicious 🙂


Slow cooked sausage and veggies – not my favourite, but pretty good.


Ground pork seasoned with taco mix, potato and red pepper pastry – amazing as would be expected.



The greatest sloppy joe ever, on a garlic bread bun!


White chocolate chip and buttermilk pancakes – totally had them for dinner 😉


Buttermilk biscuits – these are actually the best thing ever, warm out of the oven with a little butter…yum!


Peanut butter and maple syrup cookies – surprisingly excellent.


Homemade brownies with cookies and cream bits – they’re so light and fluffy 😉


Oatmeal cookies – perfect studying snacks 😉


Buttermilk donuts fried in sunflower oil – these are so deadly they are the best like I’m hungry looking at them!

So, now that I’ve likely made you hungry, I was considering putting up a couple of picture heavy recipes posts for some of this stuff…is that something anyone would be interested in? I’m no chef, but I found that getting starting cooking I had to google a lot of what ingredients were, or try to figure out how to modify recipes for 1 person, and so that’s what the potential posts would be – super easy recipes/instructions for meals for one.

Well, even if not, hope you enjoyed the pics and…bon appetite 😉


4 thoughts on “Cooking adventures continued

  1. Wow! You’ve gone from not cooking to cooking some very fancy things in a short period of time. Keep up the good work! I’m happy to read more detailed food/cooking posts from you; maybe it’ll motivate me to eat out less and cook more.

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