Mad (scrub) cap adventures: Star Trek “I’m a doctor Jim” cap

I can’t claim to being a lifelong Trekkie, but since 2009 (the reboot movie) I’ve been a pretty devout one.  I really like the Original Series – Kirk, Spock and Bones and their relationships – and their reboot counterparts we/are the heart of that show/movies for me.  Thus, the “I’m a Doctor Jim,” cap, that melds the three of them and their (and the shows) respective branches – science/medicine, command and engineering:

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But more than that, I think Star Trek appeals to me because of the ideal that Gene Roddenberry put forth.  Whoopie Goldberg stated that she was inspired by the character of Uhura because she was one of the first black female characters on tv that wasn’t a maid or servant.  George Takei was an inspiration for Asian actors – and later a gay icon – and Leonard Nimoy’s half alien Spock was an avatar for the outsiders in our society.  Star Trek was a vision of an inclusive future, and that’s a dream I think is worth trying to make a reality.

This cap, as well as all caps shown on this blog can be purchased here.


One thought on “Mad (scrub) cap adventures: Star Trek “I’m a doctor Jim” cap

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