Mad (scrub) cap adventures: Harry Potter “Hallows and Houses” Scrub Cap

Undoubtably, Harry Potter is the book series of my childhood and adolescence.  I’ve waxed pretty poetic about it here on this blog, and given that I’ve got 3 Harry Potter rated things planned for my summer trip so far (play, studio tour and did you know Osaka Japan has a Universal Studios with a Harry Potter world? Because they totally do 😉 ) as soon as I saw this fabric, I knew I had to make a cap out of it.

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I call this one the “Hallows and House” cap, as it has the Deathly Hallows symbol with a splash of the colours of the 4 houses, and on the cream background all the colours are really nice and vibrant 🙂  I really like this one – the fabric is really very appealing, and given my utter nerd love for Harry Potter, it’s kind of a great subtle geeky nod to the series without being super cheesy or blatant 🙂

Also yes, I am a Ravenclaw, and proud of it: given how much time I study, how could I be anything else? 😉

This cap, as well as all shown on the blog can be purchased here.

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