The ideal med school pet

So, I like pets.  I’m not an pet crazy person, but I do like animals, and I especially love the companionship that a pet brings.  Living alone in a difference province without my family has really emphasized how much companionship matters, so a pet has kind of always been on mind.


Nimbus, our family kitty at home 🙂

A major hurdle to this is, however, that apartments usually have a no pet policy.  I’m actually not sure what my apartment has for a pet policy, but I think it’s a no for cats or dogs at least.  Even if it wasn’t, I only have a one bedroom apartment, and I have plans to go away for 2 months in the summer, and I’d feel kind of guilty keeping a cat in a house with so little space and finding someone to watch it would be difficult.  So, where you might ask, does that leave me on the pet front?


Fishy 🙂

So yes, I got a betta fish.


It’s name is Zora (this is just where I kept it while the water was treating).

I call her (I know it’s a boy, but all of my pets were always female, because my mom said we needed more girls in the house 😉 ) Zora, after the Zoras from The Legend of Zelda.  Now, fish are not the most exciting pets – you can’t cuddle with them like a cat or even a gerbil or hamster:


This was happening at the pet store.  I’m pretty lucky I came out of there without one 😉

But honestly, I think a betta is one of the best med school pets you can have. They don’t require much time or attention, but they’re still a living thing that makes you feel less alone.  If she’s still alive by the summer – which is my intention, but things happen – it will be easy to get someone to care for her over the summer.  Two girls in my class got betta fish last week, and as soon as pulled my head up out of the exam fog, it occurred to me that they were onto something.  As soon as I get an place where I’m around for longer that allows pets, a cat is the first thing I’m getting, but until then I think Zora and I will be just fine 🙂

7 thoughts on “The ideal med school pet

    • It’s nice so far 🙂 Something to come home to, but that doesn’t require too much care or feel lonely when I’m not home…or at least not for long, given the memory length of fish I suppose 😉

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