Mad (scrub) cap adventures: Super Mario Brothers

As an admitted Nintendo child, Mario and Luigi were definitely a big part of my childhood. Mario Golf, Tennis, Kart, Party, Super Smash, and of course Super Mario are all games and franchises that I’ve got fond memories of.  So, when I started down this little rabbit hole of mine, I knew I wanted a Mario Brothers cap, and after some serious looking I found the perfect fabric 🙂 So, I give you:

“The Mario Brothers: Player 1 Cap”

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This cap has Mario (or as any Nintendo kid knows, player one 😉 ) on the front, and Luigi on the cap, with red ties while “The Mario Brothers: Player 2 Cap:”

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Has Luigi (player 2, patron player of the younger sibling 😉 ) on the front and Mario and Luigi on the top.  I think this pattern is super cute, and the sky blue colour is really nice 🙂  I like this cap so much, there’s really nothing left to say but:

“It’s a me!” 😉

These caps and all caps shown on the blog are available here.

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