Mad (Scrub) cap adventures: The Star Wars caps

Star Wars is one of those things that all geeks have some awareness of, even if they aren’t the biggest fans, and with the recent release of the (quite excellent The Force Awakens) that sentence is now probably true for almost all movie going public.  Though perhaps a bigger Trekkie myself, Star Wars has always held a special place in my geeky heart, and so when I walked into the fabric store near my mother’s home and saw these fabrics, I knew that I needed to make scrub caps out of them 🙂 And so, to condense these posts, I present to you:

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This is the “Original Cast” cap, and it’s one of my favourites: the blue, white and light grey mix is really nice and attractive.

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Above is the “Force Awakens: Heroes Cap” which features characters like BB8, Rey, Finn and others, and is really fun. I like the circles, as that’s something I haven’t worked with before in terms of patterns, and I think it makes the cap look both crisp and fun 🙂

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Then, as no story would be complete without it’s villains, we have the “Villains: Captain Phasma” cap as well as the:

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“Villains: Kylo Ren” cap.  Both caps are cut from the same fabric, but because of the repeats one cap features Kylo Ren (or as I have taken to calling him “Darth Weenie” 😉 ) and stormtroopers, while the other has Captain Phasma on the front (both have both Ren and Phasma on the top of the cap).  I really love the little red accents in this cap with Kylo Ren’s mask and Phasma’s cape, and the tie fighter is very cool too 🙂

Given that the upcoming Star Wars movie slate is pretty full (with the main series and the anthology series) I can’t figure anyone would have trouble identifying the Force Awakens caps for a while.  The Original Cast cap, naturally, has no such problem.

Those movies are timeless, after all 🙂

These caps and all caps shown on the blog are available for purchase here 🙂

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