Mad (scrub) cap adventures: The “Exploding Tardis” cap

So, there is going to be a ton of these posts coming soon, just FYI (guess who spent a good part of her Christmas money on fabric? 😉 ) but I must say this cap is competition for my ‘favourite’ cap spot.

As I’ve made abundantly clear, I’m a huge Doctor Who fan, and one of the most touching episodes of the show was in the 11th Doctor’s tenure when they visited Vincent Van Gogh.  Later in the show, an iconic ‘manipulation’ of one of Van Gogh’s most famous works was created, and thus, I give you the “Exploding Tardis” Cap.

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I absolutely love this cap! It turned out so well, and the colours are just so vibrant and fabulous!  The cap is also great because it works for Van Gogh fans as well as Doctor Who fans (So much so I might one day get some “Starry Sky fabric”) and is just really eye catching and fun 🙂

Also, I am within a few days of finalizing my etsy store (I just have to get a good shipping estimate from the post office), and once that is up, all of the caps that I have shown here in these ‘mad scrub cap’ posts will be for sale if you’d like to own one 🙂

*This cap and all caps shown on the blog are now available for purchase here :)*

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