Christmas musings: on the subject of giving

Well, my vacation started a bit rocky with a canceled flight and a 6:40 am replacement flight – wheeee 😦 – but now, with the first moments of Boxing Day upon me, I can say that Christmas was indeed a success 🙂


Pretty tree! 🙂

I’ve always been a fan of Christmas, but I’ve found in recent years my enjoyment of the holiday has perhaps understandably changed.  As a child, Christmas was all about the ‘getting.’ I’ve got fond memories of not being able to sleep because I was so excited for Santa to come, and to be able to rip open my presents.  And all points to my parents, because they made my Christmases fantastic – one year I even got a written note and a thimble from ‘Mrs. Claus’ when I asked for proof of Santa being real.

I firmly believe that Christmas enjoyment is 90% anticipation and 10% actually the day.  It’s one of the reasons why Christmas always feels the tiniest bit like a let down for me, no matter how fantastic it is.  If you’ve been building up a single day for months, then it’s always going to seem a little short.  Thus, the anticipation of it is huge to me, for enjoyment.  And yet, as a child, all of my Christmas anticipation was about getting, and as such, as I grew older, and out of my ‘Santa years’ the nature of this had to change.  That’s not to say I still don’t enjoy the presents ‘Santa’ (who is now me 😉 ) brings:


GoPro for my future trips – Paris, Brussels, Scandinavia and Japan 😉

But the simple fact is, now my anticipation – and enjoyment – comes from giving gifts to my family and watching their reactions.  Last year I surprised my mother with a rose gold watch and made her cry, and this year I made my sister a gift that got a couple tears out of her.

This year I got it in my head to make her a plushie of two of her favourite characters – Castiel from Supernatural and the 10th Doctor from Doctor Who – and so despite never hand sewing anything, I stayed up until 4am for 3 nights in a row to get them done, and I was super proud of them 🙂 And watching her love them so much, watching her open them and cry and cuddle them, that not only made it so worth it, but really reminded me about what Christmas is about.

Not getting, but giving.  Not taking, but sharing.

Christmas for me is sharing turkey diner with my family, keeping the cat out of the tissue paper. It’s a wearing a flannel onsie while my sister also wears one and watches the Christmas Doctor Who episode, and discovering Arthur Christmas, which is an adorable feel good Christmas movie that I now absolutely love.  It’s watching my mother open the ring I designed for her, my sister loving the presents I’d made for her.

My Christmas always seems a little short to me.  At almost 1 am the 26th, it seems impossible it’s already over, given how long I’ve waited for it.  But it was lovely, and as its been said “a thing isn’t beautiful because it lasts.”  Christmas is over, but the sentiment remains, and that’s more than enough for me.

So, whatever your Christmas was, I hope it was an amazing one, and Happy Holidays to all 🙂

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