Mad (scrub) cap adventures: The Video Game cap

I’m not the biggest gamer alive, but I was born and bred on Nintendo.  Majora’s Mask is my favourite Zelda (though I own all the console games from OoT up), Mario and his adventures/tennis/golf/racing are all my jam, and I can kill Master Hand with the best of them.  I’m also a Pokemon fanatic, and, out of the realm of Nintendo, also have a Playstation (mostly for Final Fantasy – though 13 sucks) and a 360, because Dead or Alive is a great way to burn off aggression.

I’m conversant in video games, I suppose you could say, though not really loyal to any one brand.  Thus, when I decided I wanted a video game scrub cap, I knew I just had to make it out of this fabric.


The Video Game Cap

I really love this fabric because it’s an understated way to show your gamer pride, and super inclusive as well. Nintendo, Sony, I think Sega and possibly a primitive Xbox controller are all there, so if you’re a ‘brand’ person you’re all covered 😉

The cap with a grey bottom finish and the view from the top.  The ties are about 9/10 inches long.

After the Doctor Who cap, this is probably my second favourite cap so far: it’s fun, it’s geeky, and the fabric just looks really great.  And as an added bonus, I can’t help but think if I wear it around children, it might help make medicine seem a little less scary if their doctor was wearing a controller from a video game system they’d played on their head 🙂

Babies might be a little to young to get it though…meh, might as well start them early! 😉

*This cap and all caps shown on the blog are now available for purchase here :)*

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