Mad (scrub) cap adventures: The Fault in our Stars

So, I’m also a pretty big literary geek, and couple that with being a huge Nerdfighter, some kind of John Green inspired scrub cap was definitely going to be in my future.

Thus, the Okay? Okay. scrub cap from The Fault in Our Stars:

The pattern is from the front cover of the book, and the words are from this quote:

“Okay,” he said after forever. “Maybe okay will be our always.”
 “Okay,” I said.
 – John Green, The Fault in Our Stars.

I really like both the white and the black bottom, which is the same colour as the ties.

The pattern close up and from the top of the cap.

All the caps are also double thick on the front panel, with a second lining of cotton the inside to ensure that the cap isn’t see-through in the light (you can kind of see the white liner in the second picture above).   Additionally, I like how it makes the cap feel less flimsy, and more durable 🙂

I really like this cap: The Fault in Our Stars isn’t my all time favourite book, but for me it was sad in the right way – because the characters had actually begun to mean something to me – and the prose was really lovely.   This was the kind of book that made you think about the fact that despite that we all want our love to last forever, there are real scenarios for people where that isn’t even a dream, because they are too aware of their too short reality.

The idea that “some infinities are bigger than others” for me means that no matter how much time you have, you need to live it to the fullest, and that will make it seem like an infinity. I think that’s a great attitude not only towards life, but especially to have going into medicine and taking care of patients 🙂

Also, I do think I’m going to create an etsy shop after my last exam (the 18th) and start putting up the caps I’m showing here for sale (as well as future caps, as I’m waiting on some awesome Pacman, different Dr. Who, Mario and Harry Potter fabric). So if you really like any of the caps I’ve made or will make, you’ll have the opportunity to own them 🙂

*These caps and all caps shown on the blog are now available for purchase here :)*

2 thoughts on “Mad (scrub) cap adventures: The Fault in our Stars

  1. Hi Della! I just started following your blog and I simply LOVE the scrub caps. If you make the Doctor Who caps, I shall order a WHOLE BUNCH of them off wherever you put them up for sale. Also, anything House MD themed would be really awesome. In fact given how cool these are I think you can make big bucks off these! I am sure I am not the only medical geek out there who would like a custom cap to show off! Looking forward to more cool stuff from you!

    • I’m so glad you like them! I should have my etsy store up in the next few days, and I’ll have 3 different Doctor Who caps up 🙂 I might one day make a House MD cap, as it is a cool idea, and thanks for commenting 🙂

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