Monte Carlo was…exhausting

So, this past Saturday was Monte Carlo, the charity event that my medical school hosts every year.

The gala is planned by a committee of second year medical students each year, and this year I was on that committee.


The committee began planning the event in 2014, though the real meat of it began in the summer of this year, and the crunch period was obviously the time from when we came back from vacation until that last terrifying week.  There were 20 of us on the committee, each with a different position and responsibility: mine was VP of Entertainment/AV.  Now, it should be said that my job really was more AV, as this year we had decided that the theme was “Classy Carnival” and so we had several carnival games – ring toss, bean bag toss, duck pond, etc. – that should have been under my purview – along with live entertainment like a hula hooper, stilt walker, magician, etc. – that were taken over by another committee member as she was around for the summer and I wasn’t.

My responsibilities, thus, were more night of. I was responsible for making sure that the AV ran smoothly the night of – making the videos run on the screen that had a shitty PA system at the same time as running their audio on a separate PA system, background music, music for entertainment, powerpoints and mics for the auction, music and video recording for the student dances and making sure all those things went smoothly.  Now, as I said, several people on the committee had far more involved jobs than my own, in prep and on the night of, but still, I will say this: I wouldn’t be part of the executive again.

Monte Carlo is a charity event, and I’m 100% for supporting charities.  And the event even went really well, by all accounts.  There were a couple hiccups by large – long bar lines – and on myself – the PA system was’t great for hearing people speak, and their was a miscommunication on my part about music in one area (did manage to jerryrig a solution) – but no, I wouldn’t do it again.  Last year I went to Monte Carlo, and my most stressful time was the 1.5 hours of volunteering on roulette; it was involved, stressful, and anxiety inducing when people expected you to be perfect on something you weren’t an expert on.

Monte Carlo this year was basically 6 hours of that.  I’m a “worrier”- I internalize a lot of my anxiety – and the thing about AV was that, if something went wrong, it was going to go wrong in the most noticeable of ways.  By the time it got to 11pm (the event ended at 1am) the “rush” of my job was really over, and all I had to do was play music until 1am, but by that point I was really too tired to have any fun.  I grabbed some pics with friends, a little cotton candy and then just sat and rested my feet – which despite wearing flats – ached.  I would have really liked to have been able to gamble a bit, or play some games, but I didn’t have either the time or the energy to do either, and that was really too bad.  My mother asked me if I’d had any fun the night of, and I think my answer was “I liked when it was over.”

Which is true, but not entirely accurate. It was nice to take pictures with friends, and that was fun, but the feeling I most had was “relief” rather than fun. I was relieved that it had gone well, relieved that my own job had gone well, and relieved that I had managed to get the dances on camera, and relieved that it was over.

The 2018 Girls Dance (yes, I am in this, though for a mercifully brief time 😉 )

The 2019 Boys Dance (I had to capture this on my own camera because the floor camera I had set up had way too many people in front of it!! – also if you prefer the upper angle of the Girls Dance, the boys dance does it exist from that angle as well:

IMG_1269Safe to say that everyone was watching the dances this year! 😉

So yeah: final verdict on the experience of being part of the Monte Carlo executive: a good one, I believe, and a worthwhile experience, but one that I am really glad I don’t have to do again.

Now, I have to start studying for my next exam…in six days.


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