That time I got a new hobby: the Mad Hatter edition

So, I had my exam Friday – think it went ok, but as always I’m never sure – and am 3 days into our 5 day ‘winter break’ that the university has implemented for this year, which is lovely.

Beyond the weather:

20151104_10510020151105_13123620151106_082904This was October the 27th. It snowed. It’s been -2 degrees since. No one lives here for the weather.

I’m sleeping in, cooking, and relaxing…

And making hats.

original I’m not the only one who thought Jefferson was one of the best parts of early OUAT, right?

sabastian-stan-on-OUAT-mad-hatter-jefferson-31059673-640-356Yeah, that’s what I thought 😉

But Sebastian Stan aside, I’ve jumped into a new hobby, and yes, that hobby is making hats…or surgical scrub caps, to be more precise.  A week or so before the exam I bought a scrub cap that a classmate had made as a fundraiser for Monte Carlo, the med event and charity fundraiser that we are throwing IN LESS THAN 2 WEEKS OMG…pardon me, I’ve contained that again.  And while studying for my exam – inconvenient as all heck I might also add – I was consumed by the idea that I could learn to make scrub caps.  I’m an incredibly stubborn person – once I get an idea in my head it pretty much has to be at least tried – but this one was a bit out of character for me.  Not the why, which was for Monte Carlo, but also to make geeky scrub caps for myself, friends, etc, but the how.

See the thing is, I’d never sewed before.

img_8985Pictured: someone who knew more about sewing than I did 4 days ago.

So yes, despite not sewing even once, I was rather fixated on the idea of making scrub caps. I’d even found some adorable geeky Doctor Who, Firefly, Video Game and TFIOS fabric that I wanted to order, and make super geeky scrub caps.  The thing about daydreams is that it’s easy to run before you can walk, and very easy to forget the fact that the things standing between me and geeky scrub caps were, in no particular order: having no sewing machine, no idea how to sew, and no materials.  The thing about being a Taurus, and stubborn, is that logic is not going to get in the way of something idea, and so a quick trip to Walmart solved at least 2 of those problems:

20151106_192159Threading a bobbin should be an exam for engineering or something 😉

20151108_203528My living room is somewhere under all that fabric.

So yes, I went out and got a sewing machine, some fabric, found a pattern – modified that pattern a bit – and then went at it.  Threading a bobbin is a bit like witchcraft, and threading a needle is even more frustrating, but after a few useful – if not hilariously outdated youtube videos – I had it threaded.

20151106_191716First stitch ever!

Then there was cutting:

20151106_205533Happy monkeys 🙂

Then the pining – and stabbing oneself with pins:

20151106_215236So much stabbing…

Then sewing:

20151106_223525 I hadn’t yet noticed the front part was upside down yet, but I was still pretty proud of it 🙂

20151107_175411Then adding the tie/bottom to finish.  This was the second attempt, not the first (hence the right way up monkeys) and honestly, I’m still pretty proud of them/it 🙂

20151109_22530020151109_225322I need to get one of those fake styrofoam heads and not just put them on that weird decapitated glass light catcher head thing my mom got me 🙂

I’ve been playing around with the teal and the patterned fabric – teal front, patterned top and ties, teal ties and patterned front, and now I have a small pile of scrub caps just sitting on my couch:

20151109_225147-1So many scrub caps 😉

I’m hoping to have 12-15 done by when I go back to class Thursday, so that hopefully I can sell them with the other girl from my class and raise a little money for Monte Carlo, but honestly, I’m actually really enjoying making them.  My hobbies in the past were usually hobbies of consumption, like reading, where you take in something that someone else has created. I also write – independent of this blog – but that often feels intangible, and occasionally stalls because of writers block (my muse is incredibly fickle).  This is a great way to be creative – to dream up things to do with my new patterns and to actually make something that I can hold, give away or even sell – and I can’t wait for the geeky fabric I ordered to come in so I can make something out of that.  So yes, just as a heads up – pun intended – there will likely be a few more posts about scrub caps in the future, as I set out on my quest to geek up while scrubbing up – individuality and professionalism, all in one 😉 Or, to put it another way:

tumblr_nk6klbwarY1u05gz8o1_1280After all, if you can’t beat them, might as well…

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