This is Halloween (in medical school)

So, Happy Halloween! 🙂

Image and video hosting by TinyPicThere’s a part of me that wonders which person at the Henson Workshop thought ‘man unable to see his own hands because he is operating a puppet does a chainsaw gag’ was a great idea, but that might be just be me 😉

But yes, digressions aside, it’s Halloween, a holiday of dressing up and going up to strangers homes to ask them for their candy.

trick-marketingOk, now I promise I’m done 😉

It’s Halloween, and although there are parties abundantly available, my plans are…


Yes, I’m studying through this Halloween, as my first exam of phase 3 is this coming Friday 😦 This isn’t the biggest disappointment for me though; personally I’m not huge on Halloween parties, and as I’m living in a basement apartment my door isn’t the front of the house door, so I’m not on shelling out duty, which is too bad as that is something I actually do enjoy 🙂 I also really used to love taking my little sister out trick or treating – and of course trick or treating myself as a kid – but given that my sister is in another province and that I can’t shell out, Halloween isn’t the biggest thing for me.  I did have some fun Wednesday, attending a class hosted Halloween trivia night where we dressed up – and that my team totally won – and given my love of Harry Potter and my newly dyed light ash blonde hair – love it – there was only one thing I could really dress up as.

20151031_191818Not pictured; a snarky sneer and a haircut that got progressively worse as the movies went on 😉

I was Draco – or fem!Draco is suppose – Malfoy, because although I’m a Pottermore sorted Ravenclaw, everyone likes to be a little cunning and evil ambitious 😉 It isn’t the most ambitious costume ever, and I certainly have had a few, like Poe the Telletubby and B2 from Bananas in Pyjamas when I was a kid, Bill Gates’ Visa to the Statue of Liberty, and Tardis that had a door that opened and inside was a silk screened image of the inside of the Tardis – still really proud of that 🙂 – but I felt it suited the mood – a low key – geeky, because that’s a must – costume for a low key Halloween. Would I be having more Halloween fun if I didn’t have to study? Of course, but at the end of the day I had some fun, and although there are better things, there are also certainly so many more worse things than a night in a nice warm apartment, studying amongst my Halloween decorations.

20151026_18303320151026_183102 20151026_183050 My tiny jack-o-lantern and my boo lights are keeping me company 😉

Also that whole bowl of candy from above?

Totally mine.

I guess it really is a Happy Halloween indeed! 😉

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