Fall at home (here there be pictures)

So, as mentioned in my last post, I went home for Thanksgiving this year.  Canadian Thanksgiving isn’t half the symbolic holiday that American Thanksgiving is, but it’s still a nice long weekend and I was so grateful to be able to spend it with my family this year. Med school, if it’s taught me anything, has shown me that you need a solid support system to get through, and so breaks like this where you can just go home and relax are incredibly precious and important.

And, for all the relaxing that we did do (morning was rarely seen, is all I’m saying 😉 ) we also managed to pack in a pretty decent amount of things into the weekend.

20151012_132802Relaxing with the kitty 🙂

Other than the Pumpkin People, The Martian and our holiday dinner we ate plenty of good food;

20151012_201118Hot turkey sandwiches are better than turkey in my opinion 😉

20151012_154206 Can’t go wrong with Farmer’s Ice Cream (also this is totally a “medium” so don’t you wish you lived 2 houses down from the farmer’s market that we do 😉 )

20151017_155506I made my sausage and egg breakfast sandwiches for my mother and sister, who told me they were better than Tim Horton’s ones; high praise! 😉 (Also, told you they got prettier 😉 )

We also we up to the Bridgetown Look off, for some nice shots of the Annapolis Valley and some fall colours;


Fall is just my favourite season 🙂

20151012_165057Also, although these trees hadn’t turned yet, this path was too magical not to take a picture of 🙂

Also, as it was an unusually warm day for October, it was nice enough that after our little nature walk we went to the North Shore – on the Bay of Fundy – and made a bonfire and watched the seals and the sunset;

20151012_181421Our bonfire game is strong 😉

20151012_181617I didn’t bring my camera and my phone doesn’t do a great optical zoom, but those little specks in the bay are actually seals; there were maybe 6 of them frolicking around when we were there 🙂

20151012_18221020151012_18231620151012_18412220151012_184214 Sunset at Port George.

Overall, I departed my trip feeling rested, happy, and full of good food and love.

It doesn’t get any better than that, I think.

2 thoughts on “Fall at home (here there be pictures)

    • Thank you 🙂 I was like that until about 3rd year undergrad, when I nearly overloaded on stress, and that was my “ah ha” moment for just taking life a little easier. So my learning was more “trial by fire” than early 😉 But yes, nothing like just taking a moment to smell the roses, as they say!

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