A wandering heart and mind…on the first day back to class ;)

I’m a person of simple pleasures.  I like daydreaming, plans and travel, to name a few.

687474703a2f2f6d656469612d63616368652d6563302e70696e696d672e636f6d2f373336782f65642f64662f33612f65646466336161396632393030386363383631373831613434636661663234312e6a7067Whee, planning!

Admittedly, doing these three things in my first two classes of Phase 3 is probably unwise.

Image and video hosting by TinyPicI feel like the fact I’m pretty sure I’ve used this gif before says something about my life…

But yes, we had our first “real class” of phase 3 today. Phase 3 is the Chronic conditions, and pretty much everyone has already informed us that this phase is a lot more intense than phases 1 and 2 which is something that I don’t even want to touch right now, let me tell you that!  Today was a pretty light day, frankly; we had our intro to phase lecture, then a “real” lecture, and then half of us had clinical skills, myself being in that half.  I didn’t particularly mind having clinical skills today, though the scheduling for it is utterly bananas this phase.  Usually all of the groups had the same sessions and just alternated Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, but because we’ve moved into more advanced skills, with “real” patients – patients who actually have been diagnosed with medical conditions – everyone has something different every session, even at the same time and day which needless to say makes the schedule…complicated.

However, my group and I had a great session today – we had the “Neurology 1” session, which involved doing a history and motor/sensory neurology exam on a patient – who did have a neurological condition – and then seeing if we could figure out their condition. It was a really great learning experience because the OSCE is still so present in our minds that all the skills are pretty fresh, and actually getting to use them and promote the actual affected response is really a valuable opportunity. We also had a fantastic facilitator who really helped us learn and master techniques and apply findings to a differential diagnosis, so overall, I enjoyed the session a lot!

However, the session was from 3-5pm, and since our class ended at 11am, it did leave 4 hours of time to kill, which I filled it by  combining a few of my favourite things…planning for future travel.

DrWhoOhtheplaces What, it fits with the theme! 😉 Also, as a proud geek, this makes me happy in ways I cannot even explain!

Not sure how this ended up so Doctor Who filled…meh, roll with it!

But yes, I actually really enjoy the act of making a plan. I’m awful at resolutions, and I don’t always accomplish everything I plan to do, but I find making and having a plan very relaxing.  Thus, in my free time today, I sat down and made a rough itinerary for my Spring Break and Summer 2016 trips.  Anyone who has read more than a couple of my posts will know that I caught the travel bug pretty hard after my first Europe trip this Spring (and a literal travel bug this summer!) and so I am definitely going to take advantage of the breaks I have before clerkship to do some more travel.

Originally for the spring, my mother and I were going to go to Santorini, Greece, but because of a few factors, we decided that we’re going to do Paris and Brussels instead.  My mother has never been to Paris, and it’s the one place she’s wanted to go all her life, and I’d really like to see Brussels – and certainly won’t turn my nose up at more Paris in the springtime! – so it’s a win, win for both of us.  We’ll get about 6 days in Paris and 3 in Brussels, so it should be a fantastic trip, and I’m really excited to be able to share it with my mom 🙂

82ea7e91cbd54b3e2b3e921c4dc4bef9_largeYeah, no, definitely don’t want to come back here 😉

The summer trip should also be pretty spectacular, as for this trip, I’m planning on doing 2 more Contiki’s – the Scandinavia (End Helsinki) one, and the Japan Unrivalled tour – both of which are 13 days.  The trip I’ve got planed so far looks like this:

St. John’s – Halifax (9 days home) – Berlin – Copenhagen – Oslo – Voss – Geiranger Fjord – Gjovik – Stockholm – Helsinki – Tokyo – Hakone – Takayama – Hiroshima – Kyoto – Wakayama – Osaka – Toronto (also home – 5 days) – St. John’s

This trip gives me a day and a half or more in all of the cities mentioned (and 3 in Berlin and Tokyo 🙂 ).  It’s also a trip that gives me a little bit of time back on the island before clerkship, as clerkship starts early in August (the 22nd) compared to o-week and class, and also lets me catch up with family when both my parents have my sister, so it really gives me everything I want 🙂 It’s still too far away to book flights for it, but I think I’m going to pay the deposit on the two Contiki’s, so that I don’t lose out if they fill up before I am ready to book 🙂 Still, there’s a whole year of medical school between then and now, and although it feels like forever, I know it’ll fly by once I look back on it, and it certainly gives me something to look forward to in the meantime! 🙂

I’m just going to make sure I have plenty of this 😉

tylenol-complete-cold-cough-and-flu-60-capletsYeah, 60 isn’t going to cut it…I may need a carry-on just full of tylenol!

large_WMC_7.25-31Much better! 😉

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