Total eclipse (of my heart ;) ) of a supermoon

So, last night was a total lunar eclipse of a supermoon, an event that apparently won’t happen again until 2033! My dad and mom both reminded me about it (and thankfully my mom, knowing me, reminded me right before it happened because I’d totally forgotten my dad’s reminder!) and so I grabbed my camera, stuck on my coat and went out and stood on the sidewalk like a tourist to see what I could see 😉

12080026_10207693162905594_4873983386640444161_o-2 I see the moon and the moon sees me…

Here in Newfoundland, we aren’t exactly burdened with the best weather (though ironically, as I write this its actually a really nice day) and so the moon kept ducking back under and around some cloud cover, making watching it difficult and taking pictures nearly impossible! Especially when adding in the fact my hands were shaking bit from the cold (whee, 8 degrees C) and that focusing on the moon is a bit like trying to hit a target blindfolded! But I did manage to get a few good snaps, I think 🙂

12045792_10207693178145975_2054612074989082630_o 12068840_10207693176905944_6132168103382369395_o 12027277_10207693176465933_2695436024853849294_o 12079936_10207693175945920_764847258687235111_o 12022544_10207693174865893_7333998331585378253_o 12079815_10207693174025872_8201629101807958457_o 12038694_10207693173185851_1902729764103673354_o 11708003_10207693190946295_8990152809484642515_o

Some places the moon was very orange or yellow – blood on the moon, as they call it – and although ours had the tiniest tinge around the edges, we stayed mostly normal moon coloured here 🙂 The eclipse was still very cool to see though, and more so because I was on the phone with my mom and sister the whole time comparing what we saw (and complaining about the cold 😉 ), making it an experience we could share, which was really nice.

I’ve been studying for the OSCE pretty straight for the last 4 days, and although I’m making good progress and retaining knowledge, sometimes it’s nice – and needed – to just take a moment, breathe, and go do something like looking a the moon for an hour.  I’m most certainly not an “outdoorsy” person – I’m a firm advocate of “indoors” – but nature sometimes really does have a way of reminding us of the scale and perspective of our worries.  Exams come and go.

Watching the moon with your family is forever 🙂

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