Cooking: a work in progress

So, in the interest of something a little less polarizing (there was a premed 101 discussion that just got me all fired up – the rant has passed, I promise!), I’ve also been trying to actually learn how to cook this last month.  Because yeah, I’ll admit it, I managed to make it to the age of 25 without accumulating any real cooking skills.

I guess that’s what 5 years of Res will do to you.

But yeah, after I got my diagnosis of Crohn’s, I figured that I should probably stop eating so much processed food and actually try preparing food on my own, and honestly, I’ve actually been really enjoying it so far! I have basically had to google everything, from “how do you pan fry steak,” to “how to make scrambled eggs” (told you I was working on it!) but I find cooking really satisfying, and a bit relaxing.  I’m no expert yet, but I’ve managed to make a few respectable attempts, I think, like:

20150913_124159 Homemade sausage and egg breakfast sandwich.

20150919_134043Pancakes and bacon.

20150915_151601Turkey, spinach and bacon on a ciabatta bun.

20150914_193507 Linguine with shrimp and tomato and veggie sauce.

20150913_210806 Butter chicken with basmati rice and naan.

20150823_194007 Tacos 🙂

20150824_184142Steak (first attempt, future ones were prettier!) and a twice baked potato.

Everything has tasted pretty good so far, at least, and my gut has been well settled, so that is definitely a bonus 🙂 My grocery bill has certainly gone up not buying frozen food, and I definitely spend more time preparing meals now, but I think both of those things are trade offs I’m willing to make.  I do worry a bit about sliding back into old habits once school really gets into the swing of things and I’m stressed about assignments and exams (OMG the OSCE is in a week panic and freak out!) but I am really going to try and keep it up, and try new and more complicated things.

Next step – figuring out how to cook with vegetables 😉

5 thoughts on “Cooking: a work in progress

  1. Good luck with the OSCEs. Haven’t done anything like that yet, but they’re not so far in the future for me!

    Cooking is fabulous fun and can be a great stress reliever once you get into it. There’s quite the bit of satisfaction that comes from tasting the delicious results of an evening’s efforts. Looking good so far!

    • Thanks, I think the studying is going well, but I guess I’ll see tomorrow when me and d few classmates do a day of full prep on each other 🙂 And yes, I’m really enjoying cooking so far – makes you feel accomplished! 🙂

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