Viva Venice!

So, we broke up our 7 – whyyy?! – hour bus ride from the French Riviera to Venice with a stop at a designer outlet mall in a place called Serraville. The outlet mall is like an outdoor complex, and it had all the major name brands – Prada, Gucci, Versace, etc – and some good deals I suppose, though they were all still a little rich for my blood. I’m not paying 3000 euros for a purse, no matter how good the “deal!” I did however get a wallet at Versace for 50 euros, which I though was pretty fair 🙂

Then we continued on to our campsite in Venice, which wasn’t as pretty a drive as the first part was – that was all hills and cool little villages and cities while the last leg was just sort of fields and boring. The campsite was alright at first – the WiFi was decent if you stood right beside reception and the food was great, but it got significantly worse with the millions of mosquitoes and worse, bed bugs. My bed was OK, but one of my roommates found them in her bed so we gave her our sleeping bags as a mattress and used our towels as sheets. We spent the first night just at the campsite, so I used the WiFi to upload pics and listened to a Venice cover band play classic American rock and roll, which was actually really good 🙂

Then the next morning we got on the ferry to actually go into Venice, which was a short enough ride. Venice itself was really cool – all the narrow little alleys and streets and all the bridges over the canals are a really neat vibe.



11223329_10207241255008179_8086432844419995379_nWe walked to St. Marc’s Plaza first:

11059467_10207240503949403_8639028882844011388_o 11794170_10207240575591194_6250227786034633023_o

And then had a walking tour with a very funny Venetian guide learning about the city. Then we had some amazing pizza for lunch, and got to see a great glass blowing demonstration where the master made a glass horse and vase right in front of our eyes!

11755368_10207241264568418_409532160527721591_n 11800442_10207241291089081_3323855573038039775_n

After that we had some free time, so I bought murano glass necklaces, earnings and cufflinks for basically everyone I know, so I hope they all like that as souvenirs! 😉 I also went into the Basilica, which had a lovely painted ceiling:

11694095_10207241307289486_3133880978389475308_n IMAG0157 IMAG0158

And then I went up the belltower for a great view of the city 🙂

11252553_10207241368331012_365229460118337775_n 11836767_10207241414892176_1751732397124430984_n 11831654_10207241438252760_7234346707366544454_n 11825200_10207241503134382_2971558908700082037_n 11693976_10207241731100081_1870920033647731547_n

Then there was time for a little gelato 😉


And then we met up as group again for a gondola ride, which was really relaxing 🙂

11755442_10207242130430064_2944644647224812804_n 11825974_10207242220632319_915045524718953688_n 11825220_10207242233272635_6339736567115905238_n 11813537_10207242245832949_8943927751799478204_n

The gondola’s are really a must if you visit Venice, and I definitely recommend them, even if you aren’t feeling all that romantic at the moment! After that we took the ferry back to our campsite, and the group had a masque party at the campsite, which was interrupted pretty tidly by a thunder storm. It did make for some nice cool weather for sleep though, which I took advantage of, and got a good night sleep.

Now we’re on the way to Florence, with a stop in Piza first, where we’re all trying to get the best Tower selfie 😉

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