Arles, Nice, Monaco and the death of my phone

So, after a drive that felt like forever – this coach is fine, its got music, A/C, but after being on it for 7 plus hours it feels like a prison – we pulled up to our “campsite” in the South of France. We did have one stop in a place called Arles, which is a neat little town where apparently Van Gogh lived for a year and also has a Roman forum.

11823020_10207227174296170_7761459197945999901_o 11807653_10207227176736231_169312214767769118_o 11705793_10207227248578027_8416537777692961373_o

Its called a camping hotel – its cabins, and every two cabins had a shared bathroom, with 2 people to a cabin.  I think its fine in terms of accomdations – it was clean, showers worked, and the food was good – though I’d certainly go no rougher. The first night we had diner, and then some of the group went down to the beach, which I refrained from because I was feeling pretty sick. I headed into bed early, and man was it warm that night – I woke up in the middle of the night genuinely worried about heat stroke or something! However I did feel a bit better the next morning, where we headed into Nice for a few hours.

First we stopped at Fragonhards, a perfumary I had been to in Paris on my last Contiki. The drive there was really the spectacular part – the Cote d’Azur is one of the most beautiful coastlines I’ve ever seen!

11807558_10207227750710580_2500567729824835525_o 11822977_10207227343700405_5552311254153179961_oI couldn’t get any good ones of the coast unfortunately, but it was magnificant!

I stayed outside for the perfume tour – perfume gives me a migraine – and once we were done we made it into Nice.

I hit up a pharmacy right off the bat and got some of the French equivalent of Tylenol cold and sinus, which really seems to be helping so far. Then I had lunch in a cafe overlooking the beach, and then made my way to the beach. The beach was made of rocks, which was a bit hard on the feet, but the water was sooo blue!!!

11807643_10207227556785732_5264777511659353275_o 11059774_10207227494344171_5023404379612178891_o 11011995_10207227445942961_5038284225379694720_o

Then, sadly, a minor tragedy struck, and although I was above the wave line, a giant wave came in and soaked me – less important – and my phone – more important! So my phone is dead right now: trying to dry it out with rice but not sure if that will help 😦 Thankfully I had another phone with me on airplane mode so I got a data and text roaming with them, but its a shitty plan compared to how much I had before with the other phone, so I can really only use it for Google maps 😦 Needless to say, future uploads will now be dependant on the quality of WiFi, so some posts might have to come once I’m home again, but I’ll try my best!

Oh well, c’est la vie, as the French would say.

After Nice we went back to the campsite, and got changed for Monaco. Monaco is a really fascinating place to look at – its so vertical, with everything so hilly and narrow! Apparently its some of the most expensive real estate in the world, and we went and saw the palace:


And took in the amazing city view:

11807211_10207227571426098_5104485787757353829_o11807211_10207227571426098_5104485787757353829_o 11802744_10207227582986387_4198103265155872898_o

Before making our way to the Monte Carlo casino.


I’ve very little interest in gambling, so me a three others in the group went and chilled on the roof top bar at the Fairmont Monaco, which was beautiful and a lovely relaxing time.

11754769_10207227648508025_7904074122971022309_o 11816106_10207227690229068_6333572063638256191_o

It was even worth the 15 euros I paid for a non alcoholic cocktail!

11792109_10207227657348246_6225597115200601080_oIt tasted like a slushy, and was amazing 🙂

Then we left Monaco and headed back to the campsite, where thankfully the temp had dropped a bit, so it was actually a very pleasant night 🙂 Departure was at 9 am, for another 7 – why???? – hour drive to Veince, but I’m sure Italy will be worth it!!

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