Paris, the entrée

So, we’ve made it to the Contiki Chateaux, which thankfully has servicable wifi for pic uploading, so I can post Paris 🙂 I didn’t do as much this trip as last time, given that I’d seen most things I wanted to see the first time. Paris, naturally, remains as spectacular the second time, like the Arc du Triomphe:



Arc du Triomphe du Carrousel

1795458_10207186959490825_3716022747575364617_o 11780047_10207186989131566_169821613125487442_o 11792021_10207186996011738_3430199981067297065_o 11782380_10207186978771307_1852247717411159408_o 11717305_10207187044612953_7450408230314815754_o

The Louvre at night, which is gorgeous 🙂


The gorgeous view of Paris

11722268_10207187127535026_1885513304660705923_o 11722528_10207187124454949_4951602084153653097_o 11754567_10207187121534876_7175334942702180983_o 11791970_10207187198496800_5535117231575324419_o 11732025_10207187199256819_3782277170210273856_o 11794227_10207187201016863_6814870609076626422_o 11780052_10207187337980287_1642859055433605213_o 11222929_10207187338140291_8350801245504093054_o 11731874_10207187331620128_7044072118066795630_o

The elaborate elegance of the Palace of Versailles. It was a 2.5 hour wait in the sun to get in, so I recomend the fast pass tour. It was worth it for me because it was me second trip, but definitely fast pass that!

11696423_10207187296779257_2510933009547097969_o 11779867_10207187296699255_3693304959814650933_o

The hall of mirrors 🙂

11225377_10207187411902135_3676590922279261068_o 11239651_10207187411942136_5601677556460681960_o 11722397_10207187410382097_5226831812981856110_o 11174370_10207187457343271_6028872306017239798_o 11722305_10207187462943411_39406650171406804_o 11731569_10207187457303270_6187147298481660091_o 10551653_10207187651148116_9118712833959183261_o

The Catacombs of Paris – another amazing site but I could definitely suggest another fast pass for it because was another 2.5 hour line. I did meet a lovely woman and her daughter from Amsterdam in line, so that was actually very nice.


We did another group dinner and I had cod with buerre blanc, which was fantastic 🙂

11222542_10207187373981187_9012094010698124465_o 11794436_10207187652588152_78076856960575017_o 11792040_10207187685228968_7341205153281423217_o

The Effiel Tower, which remains breathtaking no matter how many times you see it. Going up wasn’t included in this trip, so if you are thinking of a Contiki consider that.

As I mentioned I also hit up Laudree for macroons, and we did the cabaret at the Novelle Eve, which really was fantastic – the acts were amazing! I ended up doing a lot less in Paris this time, mostly because of the lines – spring the lines are much more managable! But overall I had a fantastic time in Paris again – Paris remains a city you can never get tired of!!

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