A Paris appetizer (on account of criminally bad wifi)

So, I thought I knew bad wifi. I thought I’d seen it all.

I was so wrong.

The wifi in this hotel (Ibis Gard du Nore Chateau Landon) is so bad, I almost feel embarassed on behalf of the hotel!! My plan was to move my pics to my tablet from my new camera and then upload them over wifi but Paris ia not making that easy, let me tell you! I’m going to try and hit a Starbucks or internet cafe tomorrow, but if not the Chateau we are heading too hopefully will be better and I’ll do the real Paris post there. Until then, here is a little sampler from my crappy phone pics over data!

Paris otherwise has been fantastic 🙂 After 2.5 hours of waiting in the longest line I’ve ever seen, I finally got in to see Versailles, which was very cool.

IMAG1518The hall of mirrors 🙂

IMAG1522La Noevelle Eve, the cabaret we saw tonight, which had great dancers and some fabulous acts like an acrobat and two jugglers 🙂

IMAG1524 IMAG1525Pretty, pretty macroons from Laduree – totally worth the run I had to do to make the coach pick up time!

So yeah, tomorrow is our last Paris day, and I’m going to try and do The Catacombs, go up Notre Dame, and see the remains of the Human Zoo, a weird thing I’ll explain when I’m not typing on my phone! Fingers crosswd for sun and good wifi in my future!

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