London calling :)

So, I landed in London at around 10am. Got about 4 hours of sleep maybe, but an advantage of my meds is that I rarely feel tired so I was OK to go! Had a snag that had the potential to be ugly trying to load my Travelex card at the airport but it worked out and I got to my hotel and checked in at 2pm. Then I rushed to Westminster Abbey and St. Paul’s because they are closed Sundays and the latest they were open was 3:30 and 4:30 respectfully. I managed both though! They are both no photos areas unfortunately, so here are the outsides:

11745755_10207155280018858_6229399889407273257_n 11750697_10207155292259164_6832952098390453848_n IMG_0070

London phone booth:


Pretty garden outside St. Paul’s:


Then I went to see Wicked, which is an amazing show and I definitely recommend it:


Then today I slept in a bit, and then had lunch in an Indian place and hit up the British National Muesum:

IMG_0129 IMG_0117 IMG_0160

The have lots of cool exhibits but my favorite was one in the Living and Death gallery that demonstrates how many pills a person takes on average in their lives: 14,000!!! An interesting thought as a medical student!

IMG_0101 IMG_0104 IMG_0099 IMG_0105

Those three things were what I really wanted to see in London this go, so that’s me happy then! Now I’m just going to relax (and fight with Facebook to upload pics on this WiFi 😉 ) until my team meeting tonight, and then early to bed because we’re out at 6:30am tomorrow for Paris!!

2 thoughts on “London calling :)

  1. Wow that was a sweeping vist, you should stay for longer next time as London is magical especially with the good weather we are having recently. There’s so much more to see like, Camden, Spitlefield, The City, The Globe, Tate etc… I could go on. Enjoy Paris its beautiful this time of year… Make sure you experience it at night – its mesmorising – very different to London – I recently blogged about too. Anyhow keep enjoying the experience – A Wandering Memory

    • I actually did see almost all that on my last trip here in April 🙂 I had 3 days then and I ran the pavement: Buckingham, up The Eye, The Shard, The Tower, The Tate, Brick Lane, as much as my feet could take. Those three were just what I’d missed last time 🙂 And yes, Paris at night is so lovely – 2nd time there as well so I can be a bit less tourisity this go 😉 I’ll have to check out your blog when I’m on better wifi and thanks for commenting 🙂

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