The tablet test

So, I’m planning to use my tablet to do my blog posts on vacation, and I figured I should do a test post before hand to try it out. So, here are some test pics:

IMG_0061My cousin’s cottage view 🙂

IMG_0058The sunset at the shore and my head – I am blonde, though only by dye 😉

The upside of this is that because I bought a new camera – a Canon SX410 Power shot – for its better optical zoom, I can upload the pics from the camera up while I’m traveling using the micro USD card and adaptor. The downside is it still takes forever to upload pics, but I’ll deal!

Another upside is that the tags function on the tablet is so much better than then on the phone; the fight I had to get tags on the last set of travel posts you don’t even know!! Overall I think the real test will come as of the trip when I have more pics to add, but for now I think the tablet will at least make it a little easier, and certainly lighter than trying to take a laptop!

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