Home, summer and easy living

So, after a bit of a stressful (more little stresses, like my suitcase handle refusing to retract, getting random selected at security, and then having a 45 min delay at boarding) flight I’m finally home, and trust me, it finally feels like summer!!!!!  Home for me is always a complicated concept, because I live in Newfoundland 10 months out of the year, and my parents are in different provinces – and I used to spend summers in Toronto for the better job market – but “home” I’d say is small town Nova Scotia with my mother and little sister, which is where I find myself now 🙂 I hardly come back here for the nightlife – this is a town of about a thousand people max if we’re lucky – but I come here for my family, and it’s so nice to see my mom and my sister again.  Because I’m off to Europe for 24 days in 4 days – OMG!!! – we’re just taking it nice and slow, so I’m sleeping in, playing video games with the sister, and “exploring” where we get into the car and just drive somewhere in the province we’ve never been before and see what’s there, which is what we did yesterday.  It has actually been some amazing days – I can’t think of when I’ve had more fun!!!  Because home is so close to the North Shore of Nova Scotia we like to head over there at night and have a bonfire, s’mores and hotdogs optional – but often included! – and so I smell like wood smoke right now, which is one of my favourite scents 🙂

11223626_10207108186681554_6330046663543616818_o11696347_10207108186721555_555875540798787036_o11722351_10207108186641553_7712471652922635776_oIMAG0123The number of hotdogs and s’mores eaten at said gatherings will not be spoken of 😉

We also made our way to Jonny’s Cookhouse in Berwick (NS), and I have to say, if anyone reading this ends up in Nova Scotia for whatever reason, give Jonny’s a try because holy crap, this is the place for burgers!!! And I say this as someone who has made an intensive study of burgers – I can tell you the best burger places where ever I’ve lived and travelled – and Jonny’s has it going on – top 5 for me for sure, and this is a prestigious list! 😉 Jonny’s also has beer battered french fries, which are kind of awesome as well 😉


I, in my belief that the patties would be small ordered a double beef burger – 2 patties – and yeah, the patties are not small!! That picture doesn’t do it justice, but I could barely get my mouth around that burger!! I managed it, because I wasn’t going to let that go to waste let me tell you that, but yeah, next time I think I’ll stick with the single 😉

Another place we found exploring yesterday, that I think we all loved so much we couldn’t imagine that we hadn’t been there before in our ten years living here was in Canning and it’s called Fox Hill Cheese House and I’m recommending it not for the cheese (though that looked really good too) but for the gelato.

OMG the gelato.

IMAG1466 This is literally the best gelato I have ever had!!!

IMAG1467 So pretty…!IMAG1468

I love gelato, and so when I say that was the best gelato I’ve ever had, it means something! 😉 Smooth, creamy, so flavourful – none of that weird “ice crunch” when it’s too frozen – just perfection 😉 Seriously, I’m only here for like 4 more days and I’m tempted to go back just for that gelato!!

So yeah, it’s summer, and the living is easy 🙂

Also yes, I’m aware that most of my traveling relates to food – I’ve accepted this 😉

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