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Month: July 2015

Barcelona baby

So, we pulled into Barcelona and into our Hostel, the Generator Hostel. I have to say, I was a bit worried about hostels when I booked this tour, but I […]

Paris, the entrée

So, we’ve made it to the Contiki Chateaux, which thankfully has servicable wifi for pic uploading, so I can post Paris 🙂 I didn’t do as much this trip as […]

London calling :)

So, I landed in London at around 10am. Got about 4 hours of sleep maybe, but an advantage of my meds is that I rarely feel tired so I was […]

The tablet test

So, I’m planning to use my tablet to do my blog posts on vacation, and I figured I should do a test post before hand to try it out. So, […]

The Blog Tour Award :)

So, the lovely has nominated me for a Blog Tour Award, which is fantastic 🙂 She’s a mom and a pre-med who runs a great blog, so you should give that […]

Home, summer and easy living

So, after a bit of a stressful (more little stresses, like my suitcase handle refusing to retract, getting random selected at security, and then having a 45 min delay at […]

The sleepy life

So, I suppose you know that summer has really started when you find yourself still in your bed at 2:30pm. Whee, productivity, what even is that? 😉 But yeah, for […]

Sigh…and then they pull me back in

Sigh…so failed that last exam 😦 Can’t say I didn’t have a feeling it might end up that way – there were a bunch of questions that I felt really […]