So close, and yet so far

16 days until freedom.

I mean, not like I’m counting or anything but seriously, I’ve got 16 days left of my first year of medical school!  And yeah, that doesn’t seem like a lot of time – it seems crazy that I’ll EVER not be a first year, but at the same time, it also makes me feel like:

c858af11483d8c21f2739a7ac479b13b4e1b090745eedbccf9718e8d69111a8cBut seriously, are we?

Spring and summer are apparently a bit of a non entity in Newfoundland, and so it’s still mostly cool here, though we have had some lovely sunny days.  I honestly love it – I’ve never been a hot weather person – but because I’ve spent all of my recent summers in Toronto, where it’s always hot in the summer, I’ve been feeling a bit off when it comes to the seasons because it doesn’t feel like summer to me.

The fact that I’m still in school, like I’m back in high school probably doesn’t help either, to be fair 😉

In undergrad, you’re utterly spoiled with your four month summer, and loosing it takes a moment to get used to. It’s certainly necessary – we’d never be able to fit in all the material we need if we had that four month summer, but at the same time you can’t help but feel a bit wistful while looking at all the other university students that are done and gone from the campus while you get up and head in again for another day of school.  I wrote another exam this previous Monday (hence my period of radio silence where I sat on my bed and hated neuroanatomy), which was my 8th exam of medical school.  It seems amazing to think of that – the 8th! – especially when I think back to that first exam, and how impossible and insurmountable it seemed.  I can’t say that exams have gotten to be a more enjoyable experience, even though I’m a veteran in them. They’re still exhausting, a bit demoralizing and leave us all feeling like zombies after them, but at least perhaps they are a little bit less scary than they were before, which is something at least I suppose.

That said, they certainly aren’t exactly something we look forward too, and we still have one more freaking one left! That was honestly the most tiring thought when I got out of the exam on Monday – we’d just had this huge exam, like a really material heavy exam, and then we here hit by the realization that we still had one more in less than three weeks before we finally got to have a break! And this finally one, despite being in a such a short time, is still really heavy on material because next week is entirely testable material – 22 hours of material in a week – which ought to be fun given the assignments and papers that are also due at the same time.  It’s a sprint to the finish, to be sure, and although I know we’ll all make it through, standing on the other side of it, so close but yet still so far, is a bit daunting.

Thankfully once we are over that hump we finally do get our break, and I cannot wait.  Lazing with my family and exhausting myself with travel instead of with school are just what I need! When my trip is done in the summer I’ll have visited 9 countries including my own, where as as of April that that number was only at 2! Med school is hard work and tiring and occasionally demoralizing, but it still remains the only thing I could ever see myself doing, and the opportunities it has given me to expand my horizons beyond my own little corner of the world are really beyond measure.

So, 16 days.  I can do this.

OMG there’s HOW many hours on the last exam!?!

Image and video hosting by TinyPicNo, we are not there yet 😦 But we’re close.

I’ll take it 🙂

2 thoughts on “So close, and yet so far

  1. Love your blog, and I know that it must be amazing to be so close to being finished with year 1! I’m just looking forward to getting started come fall. Hopefully my blog will be as great as yours!

    • Thank you, I’m so glad you’re enjoying my ramblings! It is really strange, but great 🙂 I’m sure your blog will be fantastic, and I wish you all the best for first year. It’s a ridiculous roller coaster of highs and lows, but if it’s what you’re passionate about it’s all worth it 🙂

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