On the move and a lot on my plate

So, life delivered me a few little shake-ups this week.  First, my blood results came back and my GP is worried about what we had presumed as being IBS is really IBD, which is the not fun, worse kind of chronic bowel disorder, so I’m now on a waitlist for a colonoscopy.

Wheee 😦

That honestly wouldn’t have been so bad if the GP hadn’t also prescribed me iron for the anemia that is secondary to whatever I have.  However I took a pill before bed Sunday and then spent Monday violently ill because of that pill, so not only was I sick and miserable for the day, I missed a day of studying for the massive anatomy and neuroanatomy heavy exam that is on the 8th, which is…yeah, not great, to say the least.

And then, at 10pm that night I got a text from my landlady saying she had a family situation that had come up and wouldn’t be renting her house come the next month, meaning I had a month to move.  The busiest month we’ve ever had also, mind you, because in addition to the two exams (8th and 26th) we also have like 5 papers and assignments due within that time as well which kind of makes me want to:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Nerdfighter for life 🙂

But yeah, although I can’t do anything about the exam except do my best, hope the grading scheme helps and if not, rewrite (and cry a lot cause the rewrite is a week before the next exam) at least the housing thing is settled.  In following the great luck I’ve had in finding housing here – because the place I’m leaving really was an amazing find – I managed to find a furnished one bedroom basement apartment that is close to school and really affordable yesterday morning, and by yesterday night I’d seen the place and had been offered the apartment which I accepted! I’m actually really excited about the new place, because I’ve never actually had an apartment of my own before.  I lived in Res for undergrad as it was more convenient given I was out of province for the summers and although this place is great it’s a room in a house, and so I never really feel like the rest of the place is “my space.” Now in this new place it’s all my space, so if I just want to be alone in the kitchen or living room or whatever I will be, because I have control over who comes and goes in my living space.

The new place is also convenient because I don’t have to pay or move until the 15th of this month, and trust me, nothing is getting done before then given the exam and all the assignments (the last of which is due at lunch time on the 15th).  I can technically stay in the place I am now until the end of the month, so I might do that and not rush moving in until after the last exam, or I might move in after the 15th; that will probably depend on the rewrite.  But for now I have a place to continue living, a month I must endure, and then a great summer with a fantastic trip to look forward to, and honestly, a girl can’t ask for much better than that 🙂

2 thoughts on “On the move and a lot on my plate

  1. How did you score such a great find? Any recommendations on sites to look at for housing? I’d like to live on my own, so a studio or a “one bedroom basement apartment” would be ideal! And it’s already tough finding places as a student -.- Good luck on your exams!

    • I’m Canadian, so I used Kijiji which is a great online classified, but if you’re American I say look at online classifieds. Honestly I just got really lucky with the timing, but I can think of a few tips. Find an online classified and then know what you are looking for; what kind of lease, what area you want, if you need parking, or bus routes or whatever. I always google map places before I respond to emails to look at bus routes and location to malls, stores, etc. Try to look for utilities included: POU means pay own utilities, and those can add up depending on usage and such. Internet and tv included is usually separate from utilities, so consider that, and if onsite laundry is important to you. Also, try to market yourself well in emails. I always say I’m a med student who doesn’t drink, smoke, party or have pets and is looking for something quiet. Landlords like no drama tenants, and if you aren’t a med student say you’re a really focused pre-med or just a really focused student and are looking for a quiet place. Other than that, just look, look, look and I know you’ll find something! Thanks for commenting 🙂

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