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Month: June 2015


So, perhaps I ought to start this off with a story.  I’ve had these health problems, for about 1.5-2 years.  It started around my last year of my bachelors.  I […]

So close, and yet so far

16 days until freedom. I mean, not like I’m counting or anything but seriously, I’ve got 16 days left of my first year of medical school!  And yeah, that doesn’t […]

Smoothies and rental tips

So, in my effort to be a little bit more healthy, I’ve started making a morning smoothie to try and get a little more nutrients into my diet.  The smoothie […]

On the move and a lot on my plate

So, life delivered me a few little shake-ups this week.  First, my blood results came back and my GP is worried about what we had presumed as being IBS is […]