Trips and lazy surprise three day weekends :)

So, this ended up being a lovely lazy weekend, made only even better by the fact that it is going to extend into tomorrow 🙂 Last night my friend and I went out for a mutual belated birthday dinner, as both of our birthdays were around exams and within a few weeks of each other, so we put off celebrating until we had some breathing space.  Because of the new grading system I passed my exam, so I didn’t need to study this weekend and my friend had passed as well, so we both decided we’d go to The Keg and celebrate.  That ended up being a fantastic meal – honestly, if you’ve never had The Keg’s twice baked potatoes you’ve never lived – and it was made better by the fact that my friend pointed out to me that we don’t actually have class tomorrow, something I had totally overlooked! Because the rewrite is from 9-12 tomorrow I obviously don’t have class then, but tomorrow is also my day off for clinical skills and our only other class of the day is an online module, so that means no class for me and a surprise three day weekend! 🙂

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Needless to say, that made an already pretty great night even better 🙂

Other than a fabulous dinner, I also got this adorable little guy from my friend for my birthday 🙂

IMAG0112I shall call him squishy, and he shall be mine 😉

He’s an Adipose Stress Doll from Doctor Who, which is a show I am nerdy enough to love.  My friend remembered me trying to explain this one episode to her where the aliens were all little fat babies created from evil dissolving liposuction pills (look, it isn’t like the show isn’t weird, I accept this) and that I found the Adipose (get it, cause they’re made of fat? – bio jokes) babies adorable and my friend found this online and ordered it for me from England, making her the best friend ever because he is adorable, and nerdy, and a stress toy, because med school 😉

…Also I played with him while wearing hand lotion that smells remarkably like cake, and now he smells like cake 😉

But yeah, also on the good news front I found out where I’m going for my next community placement.  I got my first choice, Clarenville, which is about 2 hours out of St. John’s in Central Newfoundland.  I had really hoped to be able to go with my friend (the one I went to dinner with) but she ended up getting another placement, which does suck a bit.  I am however going to Clarenville with another friend, who thankfully has a car, because apparently the bus takes like 6 hours to get there, and yeah, no thanks.

On a more fun note, however, for trips, I’m also about to book my summer trip, and I’m super excited about it!!  The friend I was going to go with hit some snags with other travel plans, so I had to retool my plans, and now I’m going to be going on Contiki’s “London to Athens” tour where I’ll spend 24 days in Europe 🙂  The trip is actually 22 days, but I’m going to add a day on at the beginning to London and at the end to Athens so I can have a bit more time there, and I think it’s going to be awesome! The trip looks like this:

London – Paris – Beaujolais Wine Region – Barcelona – French Riviera – Venice – Florence – Rome – Corfu – Athens

And I’ll have 2 days in London, 2.5 days in Paris, 3.5 days in Corfu and 1.5 days everywhere else, which sounds pretty good to me.  I’m thinking of it as a bit of a “Europe Sampler” because places like Venice and Rome are certainly places I’m going to want to go again with more time, so this is more of an introduction to those places then a one time shot to them.  I’m also going to spend a week before the trip with my mother and sister in Nova Scotia and about 5 days after the trip with my father and sister (ah divorced parents and custody agreements) in Toronto, where I’ll probably meet up with my friend, who will be there visiting her boyfriend. We’re also thinking of meeting up maybe in Greece for a day or two, but if not, then certainly Toronto as her boyfriend actually only lives about 5 min away from where my dad lives 🙂

Since I’ve put myself down for helping to plan two events for O-Week for the 2019’s I need to be back in time for that, which is super early this year at August 17th, and school starts up August 24th where I’ll be right to Clarenville.  Apparently if we started a week later we’d be starting our Christmas vacation on December 24th to meet the week requirements the phases have, so I’d certainly prefer the early start to that! My current plan for travel thus accommodates this early start, but it still gives me time to do everything I want to do, so I’m not complaining 🙂

It’s almost impossible to think that in a little bit more than a month I’ll be done with first year, because it feels so often like it will never end! But the end of the year is almost in sight, and then starting August we’ll be second years and oh, is that going to be weird!

If only there were’t two exams between then and now…oh well, nature of the beast, as it were 😉

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