Day 8: Amsterdam

Day 8 Amsterdam. Well, the amazing weather finally gave out, so we did a lot of waiting in lines in the wet cold 😦 2.5 hours to see the Anne Frank House and 30 minutes in the fast track to see the Van Gogh Museum, but it was very worth it, because they were both fantastic 🙂 Then a little more shopping, and the best soft ice cream I’ve ever had to celebrate the sun coming back out 🙂 A canal cruise to end the day, and then an early night for an early morning at the airport. Europe, you were everything I could have hoped for!

IMAG1346 IMAG1348 IMAG1350 IMAG1351 IMAG1352 IMAG1353IMAG1356 IMAG1357 IMAG1355 IMAG1362 IMAG1363 IMAG1364 IMAG1365 IMAG1366IMAG1370 IMAG1371 IMAG1385 IMAG1392 IMAG1393 IMAG1394IMAG1396 IMAG1398 IMAG1403 IMAG1404 IMAG1419 IMAG1420 IMAG1421IMAG1425 IMAG1426

2 thoughts on “Day 8: Amsterdam

    • Yeah, but honestly the weather every single other day was so amazing, I can’t complain! And yes, those are definitely the three things I’d put on a must see list for Amsterdam 🙂

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